Maps, often referred to as Courses or Levels, are the main focus of Minr. There are 6 main map types: parkour, maze, puzzle, search, dropper and adventure. Maps always award points based on their difficulty, unless they are in Board, Valley, or Hardcore. They are not to be confused with Challenges, which refer to map sets with special conditions.

Difficulty Ratings[edit]

Difficulty ratings serve as a way of sorting maps based on the amount of time and effort it takes for the average player to complete them. Ratings are decided by the Green+ community and are always changeable should a Reward Proposal pass. Below is a table of all the main difficulty ratings, their point values, and examples for each of them. Note that the examples on the left are all Parkour maps, the examples in the middle are all Maze maps, and the examples on the right are all Puzzle maps.

Main Difficulties Table
Difficulty Color Points Examples
Very Easy White 1 Mineco Minr Maze Isle of Redstone
Easy Blue 2 Blazeville Treasure Vault Blackbox
Novice Green 4 Sky Parkour A Dwarven Playground Amalgam
Moderate Yellow 7 Canvas Halls of Vibrance Iron Door
Hard Orange 12 Atari Wolly Mammoth Viae
Very Hard Red 18 1010 Invictus Blight
Expert Black 25 In Rainbows Invictus II The Magic Tower


Varied maps are maps that don't follow the traditional difficulty values and instead award multiple sets of points. They can be recognized by their purple color, and can award different point values depending on the map author's decision.

Examples of Variable maps include ANHUR, DOOM-ED, and Memories.


Unrated maps define most of the realm of unpublished maps, including Green+ 'rage' maps, event-specific maps, or older version maps that don't reward points like the normal counterparts. These maps can only be recognized by using Checkpoint commands because they currently do not exist in Star Spawn. They award no points, either.

Examples of Unassessed maps include Ninja Warrior Training Course, Wool Town: Retro, and Woodwork.

Multiple Ending Maps[edit]

Maps with multiple endings can be of any main difficulty value, so long as they require multiple playthroughs to obtain all the points. They are distinguished by having concrete powder blocks instead of wool. The powder color is determined by the point reward of the intended first ending.

Examples of Multiple Ending Maps are Mint's Trials, Monkey Trumpets, and Palmtree Panic.

List of Maps[edit]

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