The upper portion of the maze
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode vic
Creator AtomicAdam0
Food None
Publication May 30, 2015

Invictus is a mixed maze by AtomicAdam0. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion and can be joined directly using "/c join vic".



Invictus takes place inside a gargantuan cube, and each of the cube's 6 faces have its own huge 2D maze covering it. The edges and corners of the walls where the mazes border don't connect directly; instead there are tunnels connecting the sides, the entrances to which are located somewhere in the middle of the mazes. In the center of the cube is a much smaller, but still very big, quartz cube, which prevents players from looking directly at the opposite side of the cube and pre-routing it. Players are not told where their goal is.

Navigating through the mazes on the walls of the cube can be pretty difficult, because ascending up tunnels requires ladder parkour and occasional headhitters.


The outer-shell of Invictus is all oak wood, and the inner-shell is just glass. The walls in between these two shells that create the mazes are all moss stone, and the corridors are lit entirely by torches. The quartz cube is made up of a mix of various types of quartz, hollow and brightly lit on the inside.


Original article written by AtomicAdam0

I started this map about 1.5 years ago, right after I beat HC. It was originally going to be mainly a parkour map, with a small maze/puzzle element. As I started building my vision of the finished product kept on changing, and people were giving me a ton of different ideas. Finally, I settled on the idea that I would make a cube made of mazes (kaddekes and Sofa helped develop this idea), with a cube in the center that would serve as a connection point between the mazes. Over the next year I tried to work on the maze a little bit each day (placing the ladders was a bitch) and eventually the maze was complete. The final product looked way better than I could have ever imagined, and the difficulty of the map was also a lot harder than I expected (based on the feedback I received).

I could never have finished this map without help from dozens of great people. kaddekes helped me develop and tweak my idea for the map, Sofaloafer did most of the World Edit, rickyboy320 did most of the checkpoints/ warps/ publishing, and many there are way too many other ops, mods, and greens that that helped me build the map, or just gave me some general advice, to name. Thank you to all those who helped out, my goal on this server was to build a map that I'm really proud of, and you guys helped me accomplish that goal.

Have fun playing Invictus!


This map is currently in 1 challenge: Hexa.


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