Blazeville 2png.png
An overview of the village.
Map information
Reward 2 FFA Points
Difficulty Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode bzv
Creator Big_Big_So_Big
Food None
Publication April 2019

Blazeville is a pure parkour map created by Big_Big_So_Big. It awards 2 FFA points upon completion, and can be joined directly by using “/c join bzv”.



Blazeville leads the player through several houses and into caves and ravines around the village. Each house mostly contains a few simple ladder jumps, and the outside involves parkouring across floating platforms to traverse between said houses. It begins at the bottom of a small ravine, which leads into the first house. The player then makes their way across several rooftops to press a button that momentarily opens the entrance to the next building. Once on top, players are greeted with a checkpoint and must make their way along a large crack in the nether ceiling before dropping down from a lava-filled chamber onto the final floating platforms, which contain a second mid-checkpoint. These lead to the third and final parkour building, which contains the end sign.


Blazeville is located in the nether, so it's aesthetics are mostly made of nether blocks. The buildings are made out of nether brick and red nether brick, while the landscape contains soul sand, nether wart block, red nether brick, fires, and brown mushrooms.


The idea of Blazeville was conceived while its creator, Big_Big_So_Big, was still in Hardcore. The original intention was to create what a default village would look like in the Nether. The end result was a bit different than first perceived, due to the map being created in an area too small for a default village to fit and look nice. To make up for this, the map length was increased, incorporating the ravine above the village into the map.


This map is featured in one challenge: Hexa.


  • Blazeville was the second map created in Theta Nether, the first being Inferno.
  • This map was originally published as a green map, but was quickly changed to blue due to its low difficulty.
  • Blazeville contains many secrets, including a hidden nether portal.
  • To access the second checkpoint, the player originally had to perform a neo jump on fences. This was removed before map release for the reason that a neo will never belong in a blue map.
  • Blazeville has a sequel, known as Incendium. This sequel is a red mixed parkour.

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