Wolly Mammoth

Wolly Mammoth
Wolly Mammoth.png
An infamous room in the maze, close to the start.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode wom
Creator Kaddekes
Food None
Publication Mid-2011

Wolly Mammoth is a pure maze map by Kaddekes. It reward 12 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join wom".



Wolly Mammoth is an enormous maze consisting of hallways made almost entirely of wool, most of which are narrow 2x1 corridors, with occasional mini-mazes that aren't part of the larger design. The map begins in a large room containing a Woolly Mammoth, where the player must find the entrance to the maze.

There are many branches of hallways that lead all over the place. players will often find themselves lost in these sprawling paths, except for a few key spots in the map that players will end up back at many times Some of these include a red wool room with a soul sand floor, with more than 16 different paths to choose from (as seen in the thumbnail); or a special room simulating an outside environment, with a grass floor and an oak tree.

There are signs scattered all around the map, usually in dead ends, that often say nothing but meaningless remarks. They can make the maze feel a bit less tedious, but could also annoy the player.

A few areas contain short parkour segments, giving it its pure maze status. The most notable area is a large glass room, which has a bit of parkour in the center chamber.


As the name suggests, this maze is made almost entirely out of various colors of wool. Most of the hallways are brightly lit, but the map can have somewhat of a claustrophobic atmosphere with its narrow corridors.


This map is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa.


  • Wolly Mammoth’s name contains a typo. It should be spelled “Woolly Mammoth.”
    • This fact also applies to Wooly Creeper, though one l is missing from the name instead of one o.
  • This map is set in an area of Zero unofficially known as the "Kaddekes Playground", which contains many of Kaddekes' maps, including Sssnake, Chaos, Demon, Troll Kingdom, and Satyrs, many of which can be seen at certain points in Wolly Mammoth.
  • Wolly Mammoth was featured in Hardcore 3.0 as one of the choices for the fourth map and later the third map, 4.0–4.1 as the fifth map overall and the second map in the Bright path, 5.0 as the 7th map overall and the 4th map in the Nostalgia path, 8.0-8.1 as the tenth map, 9.0 as the second map in the Wandering path, and 10.0 as the first map in the Tenacity path, in 10.2 Wolly Mammoth was featured as the second map in the Tenacity path after being switched by Vil Bo in an effort to balance the paths out.

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