The sixth puzzle.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode via
Creator _sPolendina_
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication September 9, 2017

Viae is a pure puzzle map by _sPolendina_. It rewards 12 FFA points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join via”.



Viae leads players through a strange building with 10 puzzles, most of which have a riddle-type element to them and require players to be very observant of their surroundings. A few of the puzzles have button inputs, but most have the player click on a block and type a message in chat to input the answer.


Viae has a warm and homely feel to it, using dark oak logs and spruce planks throughout, and red nether bricks along some of the ceilings and walls at the start and near the end. It uses cyan terracotta and carpet on the floors of the first few puzzles, with the center room and the hallways overgrown with leaves and vines, bookshelves along the walls, and lit entirely by sea lanterns. About halfway through, a mix of stone brick variants is used much more prominently, using redstone lamps for light instead, but maintaining its homely atmosphere with a continued implementation of wood. As with most maps by _sPolendina_, ornate patterns of slabs and stairs frame the hallways and decorate the walls of this map.


This map is featured in four challenges: Follow Freeman, Puzzle Competition Trials 2017, 2017 Assortment, and Hexa.


  • Viae was submitted for the Puzzle Competition 2017, placing sixth.
  • This map has hidden quotes by various authors and poets, including Shakespeare, Philip Pullman, Thomas Hardy, Cormac McCarthy, and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Inside a secret room is an original poem written by _sPolendina_ and lomour.
  • The name "Viae" is the latin word for "roads", and loosely for "paths".

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