A shot of the TNT room.
Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode fac
Creator void42
Food None
Publication Early-2011

Mineco is a mixed parkour map by void42. It rewards 1 FFA Point upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join fac”.



Mineco is a tall building that players must climb up through six floors to get to the top of. The ground floor is just a lobby with a warp button up. The second floor involves simple jumps across piles of light gray wool. The third floor is a longer sequence of ~2 block jumps across floating stone slabs. The fourth floor features stacks of TNT topped with bedrock that players must parkour across. The fifth floor is often the hardest for beginners, using iron door jumps, which require more careful control. The last floor doesn’t involve parkour, instead requires players to navigate carefully through a maze of lava walls. Once players reach the top, they drop down a long shaft to the basement floor, where the end sign is.


The walls of Mineco are made of bricks, each floor lined with windows. All of the floors are oak planks except for the sixth floor, which uses mossy cobblestone instead.


This map is featured in seven challenges: Crippled Classics, White Walkers, Beginner Parkour Pack, Mineco Madness, 2011 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • This map was used in Hardcore 2.0–2.1 as the 7th map, in a choice between it and Soar's Doormaze.
  • Mineco was made before sprint was added into the game, so it's possible (though far more difficult) to complete without it.

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