Iron Door

Iron Door
Iron Door.png
An overhead of Flamingle III.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Medium
Location FFA+
Mapcode y4id
Creator yeroc424
Food Cooked Salmon x64

Iron Door is a pure puzzle map by yeroc424. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using the commands:

  1. /c join Iron Door
  2. /c join y4id


Original article written by yeroc424

After renovating Frosty City (formerly Cobble City), pieceofcheese87 and yeroc424 decided to work on a map together. Their ideas revolved around using fire, water, and other elements to make some sort of puzzle-maze-parkour hybrid. However, both builders ran out of ideas and motivation, and the project was dropped for a time. Yeroc wanted to make a pure puzzle map, so that pure thought could solve the map as opposed to guessing in mazes and needing skill for parkour. Also, the map would be one where the challenge could be randomized, so that it would be much harder to walk someone else through beating the map. After coming up with a few uses for the elements to make a puzzle, he determined this alone would not be enough to make a map. He enrolled the help of Neo3dc, kenad, and others to help develop a series of mini-puzzles, united by the goal of reaching the Iron Door at the end.

Course Details[edit]

The map must be beat by beating six semi-random puzzles in a row. Upon clicking an Iron Door, the player is warped to a random map with the level being one higher than the previous puzzle for the first five maps. The sixth level is always the same. Most puzzles have different versions that vary in level, so it is possible to play the same types of puzzles more than once over the course of one life.

The puzzles currently in rotation are the following:

Amazing Insight - Given a coded map of the level, safely descend all the way to the bottom floor. Bench Press - Given an initial board of iron blocks, push them around with pistons to open a doorway. Cartesian Coordination - Ride a cart through various clichéd sayings and choose the correct one. Elementary - Recreate a Rock Paper Scissors loop by using at least five elements to build up the walls. Flamingle - Find the only bird that is not being looked at by any other bird. This features Flamango, yeroc's easter egg character. Rock Solid - Create the names of rock bands and songs by using Minecraft blocks to fill in the blanks. Roll With It - Traverse a single cubical room by moving walls to the floor to orient the iron door. Su Door Ku - Solve a 4*4 color-based Sudoku board using only four initial clues.

The map allows more puzzles to be cycled in as they are made. Magna Carta, a puzzle that was planned to go in early on, was not completed, and Flamingle was created to fill the void. The map is worth 3 points and is given a yellow wool in the FFA+ Puzzle room.



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