Ninja Warrior Training Course

Ninja Warrior Training Course
Ninja Warrior Training Course 2.png
Photo of the end of the course with the all-famous Mount Midoriyama.
Map information
Reward 0 FFA Points
Location FFA
Mapcode nwtc
Creator HC12345
Food None
Publication May 2017

Ninja Warrior Training Course is an event map by HC12345 that prepares players for the Ninja Warrior competition. It is an Unassessed map accessible to all ranks, and can be joined directly using the commands:

  1. /c join Ninja Warrior Training Course
  2. /c join nwtc



This map is an obstable-course style map that requires the player to complete ten obstacles to reach the end. To prepare players for the true event, many of the obstacles in the course are used on the event course as well. The course uses obstacles in all four stages of the true course, but the majority are designed for Stage 1. The current obstacles in the training course are:

  • Quad Steps: Jump on four 'steps' to the other side.
  • Bouncy Bridge: Jump on three slime platforms, and then reach the ladders at the end.
  • Vine Swing: Climb on pillars with vines to the other side.
  • Vine jump: Bounce off a slime and grab vines to the end.
  • Sweep Swoop: Jump on a couple of cobblestone walls and 'grab' the rope.
  • Warped Wall: Climb up the sideways half-pipe and grab the vines.
  • Double Salmon Ladder: Do semi-difficult jumps on trapdoors ascending up.
  • Unstable Bridge: Transfer from one set of ladders to another.
  • Pane Wall: Do glass pane jumps across two pane walls.
  • Mount Midoriyama: Climb the walls and rope to the 'buzzer' at the top.


The surroundings of the training course are fairly basic, with a lime terracotta ground covered in torches and walls consisting of various stone blocks and redstone lamps.

The obstacle course uses mostly gray terracotta and iron bars to resemble the scaffolding feel of the older Ninja Warrior show.


This map is featured in one challenge: Hexa.


  • While the obstacles on the training course might appear in the true competition, there is no guarantee that they will or that the obstacle will remain the same. For example, the Warped Wall on the training course was modified to be more difficult on the true course.
  • The Vine Swing is the only obstacle to have not appeared in a recent Ninja Warrior event.

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