A shot of parkour next to a tower in the first part of the map.
Map information
Reward 6 (2 per level) FFA Points
Location FFA
Mapcode anh, anh2, anh3
Creator Zatharel
Food None
Publication April 15, 2016

ANHUR is a pure parkour map by Zatharel. It rewards 6 FFA Points in total across all three 2-point stages, and can be joined directly using “/c join anh”.



ANHUR takes place in a volcanic environment and is named after the Egyptian god of war, Anhur [1]. The map does not provide food, but the player is granted permanent saturation within the map. The majority of the map consists of traditional parkour above the lava. The player must navigate the treacherous environment to reach the crystal in the center. ANHUR consists of three separate and distinct levels. In the first, the player must navigate between and utilize sandstone towers to reach a cavern, which the second level takes place in. In the final level, the player navigates between the obsidian "spikes" to reach the floating symbol.


The map has a distinct volcanic theme, with lava featured prominently both in the ground and in the air. The surroundings and caves feature a dark palette, while the central area is lighter in tone.


ANHUR has undergone multiple reworks throughout its existence.

ANHUR (Version 1)[edit]

Somewhere during the school year, Zatharel read about a WorldEdit command that generates a "spike", as he calls it. The command consists of a bunch of numbers that he (and the person who did the WorldEdit for him) have forgotten by now. Firstly, he wanted to use this as some sort of rising volcano map, so he got rickyboy320 to use the command in a desert somewhere near Zatharel's general map area.

After dropping the idea of a volcano because the spike was clearly too small for something like that, Zatharel decided to just make the most basic map he could. The original map took no more than 4 days because it only contained some parkour on the spikes and a simple maze, made into 3 individual levels meant to have one set of points. The map was put in for review and the results weren't very good.

ANHUR (Version 2)[edit]

For a while, Zatharel had no desire to try again with the map. Then, one day he made a small tower and got a basic idea for a map following the concept and aesthetics of the original ANHUR. skyerzz helped make the general design. Zatharel started to work on a basic parkour set and finished ANHUR about a week after.

This time around, the feedback was quite positive and led to the map being accepted into FFA.

ANHUR: Reborn (Version 3)[edit]

The map was not done yet, however. Zatharel has a tendency to rework his maps. ANHUR was reworked into a three-level stage, as it is now. rickyboy320 helped him with the surrounding area, including the lava rings and the top towers on the spikes. Once the aesthetics and parkour were done, he wanted to create a second "level" of the map. The second level should have been a maze, but Zatharel never made it one.


This map is featured in four challenges: 2016 Assortment, The A-Team, Blue Oceans, and Hexa.


  • The current version of ANHUR is the map's third iteration. The first was denied entry to the FFA and the second only consisted of the first level that is present in the third iteration, as well as having similar aesthetics to the first iteration.
  • At the end of the first level, the old end sign (including formatting) can be seen just off from the current end sign for the level.

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