In Rainbows

In Rainbows
In Rainbows.png
A downwards shot of the column of color in the center.
Map information
Reward 25 FFA Points
Difficulty Expert
Location FFA
Mapcode com
Creator spolendina
Food None
Publication April 18, 2018

In Rainbows is a pure parkour map by spolendina. It rewards 25 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join com”.



In Rainbows consists of a central column section, with 7 different parkour sections themed around the colours of the rainbow, sprouting off from the column. The column consists of parkour on glass blocks coming out from the walls. The player enters and exits the column as they go into different coloured sections. Players who beat the last section are placed at the very top of the column.

Verdant, the green section, utilizes launch pad pressure plates, which can shoot the player in various directions.

Section 1: Timed parkour across pressure plates that launch the player backwards when stepped on. This part requires precise timing.

Section 2: Vertical parkour where you must launch yourself upwards through tight spaces to progress.

Section 3: The same as the first section, however, this time you cannot jump and instead have to navigate around plates horizontally. There is a checkpoint after this section.

Amber, the yellow section, is broken up into two sections:

Section 1: This part is a large honeycomb-like section, consisting of ladder parkour. Halfway through the room there is a wall, which halves the room, and provides a failsafe for the second half of the ladder parkour.

Section 2: A large, outward-facing section where the player ascends a small valley-like structure, by parkouring along its walls.

Peach, the orange section, is split into two different segments:

Section 1: A large, open parkour room where you must parkour in-between pillars above lava, and parkour atop those same pillars and complete floating block parkour to reach the ceiling. There is a checkpoint at the beginning of this section.

Section 2: A smaller, enclosed room where you need to parkour in-between walls and around corners, slowly reaching the top and finishing the section.

Azure, the light-blue section, has two parts that utilize speed changes:

Section 1: A large, open room with floating glass platforms. Here, you are given Speed II. As a result, the jumps are much bigger, due to the Speed II allowing for longer jumps. Halfway through this section, there is a glass divider that acts as a failsafe, with a sign that teleports you to the start of the second part if you fall.

Section 2: Small, relaxing parkour on ice blocks through a corridor.

Cobalt, the dark blue section, is split into two segments:

Section 1: A tall, cylindrical room with floating block parkour that stretches up to the top.

Section 2: Another tall cylinder, but with more focused, tight jumps such as neos and ladder jumps. At the top, there is a small dropper to re-enter the column.

Cardinal, the red section, which consists of two different sections:

Section 1: The player is put at half-a-heart health, and they must parkour around fire blocks to reach the end. If they touch the flames, they will instantly die. There is a checkpoint at the beginning of this area.

Section 2: The same as the first.

Amethyst, the purple section, is the last room.

Here, the player must parkour across end rods that are attached to various pillars. At the end of the end-rod parkour, you must parkour across the pillars themselves, and then parkour across floating blocks. At the top, there is a button which teleports you to the end sign.


The map’s aesthetics revolve around a rhombus-shaped column made of seven distinct windows, each coloured differently; (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple). Each individual parkour section revolves around one of these colours. The column in the center, however, is one very large tower using layers of all of these colors in a windowed pattern.


This map is featured in four challenges: Follow Freeman, Insane Parkour Pack, 2018 Assortment, and Hexa.


  • The map was originally named "Column of Colour", but this was changed, as the creator did not want the focus of the map to be on the column itself.
  • The map’s title, In Rainbows, relates to Radiohead’s 2007 album of the same name.
  • Throughout the map, various lyrics from the In Rainbows album can be found inside each coloured section.
  • The design of the walls were partially inspired by CodSimulator20XX by SleeknFoxy.

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