Grid Hopper

Grid Hopper
Grid Hopper.png
An overview of most of the map.
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode grh
Creator _Fire_
Food None
Publication February 24, 2018

Grid Hopper is a pure maze map by _Fire_. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join grh”.



This is a very unique and unusual maze. The whole map consists of a 13x13 grid of squares, each square's dimensions also being 13x13. The squares are all separated by thin rows of black concrete, which indicate where barrier walls are. Placed in every square are 4 pressure plates, faced in all 4 cardinal directions. The way players navigate through the maze is by stepping on these plates, which teleport them a certain number of squares forward in the direction the plate is faced. This number is indicated by the color of the block underneath the plate, or by the blocks placed around it, and it will always be clear which (one square, for example, has a certain color of flower surrounding the plates).

Plates marked as red will send players 1 square forward, orange sends them 2, yellow 3, green or lime 4, blue or light blue 5, purple 6, and the last color, white, is not explained at the start. Players must figure out what plates marked as white do themselves.

Teleports can also loop around to the opposite side of the maze, if the destination goes past the edge. For example, if someone is 2 squares away from the west wall, and then steps on a west-facing plate marked as blue, the destination will be 4 squares away from the east wall (keeping in mind that that the starting square isn't counted).

The goal of the maze is to make it to the square in the very center—a white building marked by a beacon. Players can see this square at almost all times, but figuring out how to get to it is a very hard challenge.


Each and every single one of the 169 squares in Grid Hopper is different. It features a very large variety of contrasting themes from square-to-square, using settings like every single pre-1.13 biome in Minecraft, iconic structures found in the survival game, basic builds and designs, and lots of references to other maps in Minr. These references include:


This map is featured in six challenges: Hard Maze Pack, Maze Competition Trials 2018, Rivers Run Red, 2018 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Grid Hopper was submitted for the 2018 Maze Competition, placing first. _Fire_ won a special title reward for this, reading "A-Maze-ing 2018" in purple text above his name.
  • _Fire_ had great help with filling in the squares with content from spolendina, who made roughly one-third of the squares. A link to a document detailing what every single square is and who made it is hidden somewhere in the map.
  • yeroc424 made almost all of the 672 warp scripts in this maze by hand, using a system in which the center coordinates of each square are represented by variables.
  • The square covered in prismarine spikes is completely inaccessible through warp pads, as there are none that go to it. There is an extremely difficult secret path that leads to this area players can find, though few have done so.

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