A shot of the first parkour segment
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode cod
Creator SleeknFoxy
Food None
Publication October 16, 2015

CodSimulator20XX is a mixed parkour map by SleeknFoxy. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join cod”.



You take up to pwn some scrubs in Call of Duty, only to find that your CoD CD has been stolen by none other than Xx_5cRuBl0rD_xX! You must enter scrublord's lair and get it back!


The map starts with a difficult parkour section requiring several linked challenging jumps, including quad-jumps, neos, and a headhitter neo at the very end. Following this section is a very difficult maze, due to the exit only being opened momentarily by a button rather far away, with a tight timer.

After completing the maze, the player enters the final and toughest parkour segment. The player has to climb up a rocket using ladders and floating blocks of "Mountain Dew". Once players reach the top, they drop down into a cave containing a locked door, which players must crack a code to open.


The player's house is simple brick house with beds on the ground floor, and a gaming room in the basement. The houses in the town of the first part are made out of various colors of terracotta with glowstone windows. The maze has a glowstone floor topped with red carpet, and walls of stone bricks and iron bars. The cylinder containing the rocket is lined with lime glass and lava walls behind it. The body of the rocket itself is made out of quartz, with red terracotta legs. The puzzle cave is decorated with vines and various ores, and the code room contains walls of quartz and glowstone.


CodSimulator20XX is featured in 4 challenges: Rivers Run Red, The Path of Heroes, 2015 Assortment, and Hexa.


  • COD stands for Call of Duty.

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