Chillers' Door Maze

Chillers' Door Maze
A shot of most of the holes in the second level.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location HC (HC-3)
Mapcode ckd
Creators Chillers, Kasias
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication Late-January/Early-February 2011

Chillers’ Door maze is a mixed guess map by Chillers and Kasias. It would reward 4 FFA Points upon completion, but it’s currently being used in Hardcore 8.1, so it can’t be accessed directly, nor does it give points.



This maze has three parts: the door maze, the hole maze and the regular maze. The door maze, after which the map is named, is the first obstacle. You must rely on luck and persistence to choose the correct door. The maze counts how many door you go into, and will give you the count after you find the correct door. The second part takes you into an above ground field full of flowers and holes. To proceed, you must find the right hole and drop into it. It, like the first part, tests luck and persistence in finding the right hole. it also counts how many holes you have fallen into and gives you the count once you find the right hole. The third part is a traditional two dimensional maze.


This map's aesthetics vary greatly from area to area. The first area is made of nether materials with a large glass shaft running through the centre. The second part uses grass, trees and and flowers, with an abundance of skylight and large barrier walls that let you see into the outside world. The third part is almost entirely made out of iron blocks with a glass ceiling revealing lava that illuminates the entire maze.


This map is currently being used in Hardcore 8.1, so it isn't featured in any challenges.


  • The map received an overhaul in 2016, which updated the second part's aesthetics and added wrong door/hole counters.
  • The defunct Minefield map is built into the bottom of the structure that this map is built into.
  • There's a huge pixel art of Pikachu on the side.
  • This map was used in Hardcore 1.1-1.2 as the fourth map.
  • There is a walkway around the second part of the map that lets people on the outside view players attempting the map.
  • The exit has a barrier window that lets you see into Chillers' testing area.
  • A version of this map is included in the now-removed map, Old HC. That version was not updated, so it still has the original aesthetics of the second part and it doesn't have a wrong exit counter.

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