Vares Sert

Vares Sert
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode svs
Creator srentiln
Food None
Publication February 25, 2016

Vares Sert is a pure puzzle map by srentiln. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join svs".


All extracts taken from srentiln's original article for Vares Sert.



1) The Sequence

A puzzle developed by yeroc424 using a circuit co-created by yeroc424 and srentiln. The player must first learn what everything means before they can determine The Sequence.​

2) The Circuit

A puzzle taken from Myst III: Exile's Voltaic age using a circuit developed by srentiln. Redstone knowledge helps, but it only takes good logic to complete The Circuit.​

3) The Art

A puzzle that uses riddles made by srentiln to identify symbols from Myst III: Exile utilizing a circuit created by srentiln. The provided link will help you decipher the meaning within The Art.​

4) The Darkness

An old puzzle that appears in many forms with a circuit originally developed by Sethbling and adapted to the redstone update by srentiln. Only with the lights out can you find the path in The Darkness.​

5) The Rose

A puzzle of dice logic using a circuit developed by srentiln using parts of a circuit developed by yeroc424. It has been said that the smarter you are, the more difficulty you have in discovering the secret of The Rose.​

6) The Lift

A puzzle of math using an analog circuit developed by srentiln. You need to go up, but don't let The Lift get you down.​

7) The Path

A puzzle of direction with a circuit developed by youtuber bleachisback and adapted across two major redstone updates by srentiln. Sometimes in life, it's not where you are going that matters, it's The Path.​



Vares Sert is featured in three challenges: 2016 Assortment, Very Hard Puzzle Pack, and Hexa.

Original article written by srentiln


After a semi-negative response to a suggestion of re-defining the course classifications due to a lack of "real puzzle courses", Vares Sert came into conceptualization. With the failure of Forsaken's circuitry against a redstone update causing the project to be abandoned, four of the puzzles planned for inclusion were brought to the build site. Vares Sert Consists of seven puzzles that all use advanced redstone concepts to provide a challenge of the mind. Each one has it's own variant of randomization to provide a unique experience for each player.


All work planned for the future of this course revolves around the maintaining and compacting of the redstone circuitry. Many of the circuits in use were created before the latest redstone update and have only the most basic adaptations to the benefits of the new items and techniques. This has left quite a few circuits requiring an ungodly amount of space that can be further reduced over time. A "redstone tour" is in the works to display all the circuits of Srentiln's maps.


  • Vares Sert is completely dependent on complex redstone, and a lot of commands had to be disabled to prevent the map from breaking.
  • When redstone has been updated in the past, the map has broken multiple times as a result of new updates, and the redstone has to be fixed by an OP.

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