The Varied 11

The Varied 11
The Varied 11.png
The music puzzle.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode tve
Creator _Fire_
Food Cooked Salmon x32
Publication September 19, 2017

The Varied 11 is a mixed puzzle map by _Fire_. It rewards 12 FFA points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join tve”.



This map consists of 11 puzzles, all of which have a different setting and are a different type of puzzle. The basic instructions to each puzzle are:

  1. Escape — The player is placed in a prison cell with rotatable arrows in the walls, and must figure out how they must be oriented to escape.
  2. Darkness — This level is very dark and all surfaces are made of black concrete, so players can only see colored tiles on the wall and must follow them to safety correctly, or fall their death.
  3. Trivia — In one room is a floor entirely covered with plates, with only one safe path that the player must figure out by answering Minecraft trivia questions in the other room.
  4. Slider — On the wall is a slider puzzle that must be matched with the floor in order to proceed.
  5. Decode — The player must decode something to find the key.
  6. Hidden Message — Pretty self-explanatory, here players must uncover a hidden message in order to proceed.
  7. Pattern Recognition — Here players might complete sequences based on a certain pattern. It begins with a 4-step "1→2→3→[answer]", then "1 is to 2 as 3 is to [answer]", then a mix of both.
  8. Water — Dropped items must be guided with water to the correct spots on the floor for the exit to open.
  9. Music — Players must use the sounds they here to find the code.
  10. Pistons — Here a single block of concrete powder must be pushed into a hole in the floor, but players have a very limited about of other blocks to do so.
  11. Search — In the final puzzle, players might search for items in a very large room, and use what they find to discover the answer.\


All of the puzzles in Varied have a completely different theme/palette. Those themes are:

  1. Escape — A prison-like setting, with a mix of various types of stone bricks.
  2. Darkness — Here the look of the puzzle is a direct part of the gameplay itself; all of the walls, ceilings, and floors are black concrete, and there's no light sources, so the only things players can see are the single colored blocks on the walls, meant to guide them.
  3. Trivia — An iron block palette, with stripes of gray glazed terracotta on the walls.
  4. Slider — A spruce wood palette, with pistons on the walls and brown carpets on the floor.
  5. Decode — An end stone and purpur room.
  6. Hidden Message — An icey palette, with snow, ice and packed ice, and blue-colored blocks.
  7. Pattern Recognition — The two different sandstone palettes, first sandstone mixed with birth wood, then red sandstone mixed with acacia.
  8. Water — A mix of different types of prismarine.
  9. Music — A simple quartz palette, lit by lava windows on the ceiling.
  10. Pistons — A house-like setting with brick walls, a clay ceiling, and bookshelves on the walls.
  11. Search — A nether theme, featuring netherrack, magma blocks, and lava, with obsidian-mixed walls.


This map is featured in 2 challenges: Puzzle Competition Trials 2017, and Hexa.


  • The Varied 11 was submitted for the Puzzle Competition 2017, placing fifth.
  • Puzzle 1 has went through several changes since the map's release, due to the hint signs being seen as too vague.
  • This map was used temporarily in Hardcore 8.0 as the first map in the puzzle path. After a little more than a year, it along with all of the other maps in the puzzle path were removed from Hardcore, because so few people completed it and because the last map in the path, Miner's Millions, would break in 1.14.

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