Redstone Ready

Redstone Ready
A shot of a 16x16 block Piston pushing a block.
Map information
Reward 25 FFA Points
Difficulty Expert
Location FFA
Mapcode rsr
Creator zdemon98
Food None
Publication September 1st 2017

Redstone Ready is a pure parkour map by zdemon98. It rewards 25 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join rsr".



Throughout Redstone Ready's sections, you will find yourself parkouring up a lever, ladder jumps against a piston, at the end of Checkpoint 1 you will get a choice between no sprint parkour in a lamp, or a potentially fatal piston section if you fall inside of the piston block. In Checkpoint 2 you will find yourself doing a dropper through an iron trapdoor, completing challenging fence parkour within a nether brick. The final checkpoint entails floating block parkour which involves double neos, parkour over a Redstone repeater, and a final jump after one of the toughest jumps of the map through an iron door into a pit of water below.


Redstone Ready uses a lot of maroon/red colours throughout the whole map, specifically using blocks like nether bricks & red nether bricks, and blocks that are associated with Redstone.


This map is featured in 6 challenges: The Badlands, 2017 Assortment, Insane Parkour Pack, All Wired Up, They Can't Get Worse, and Hexa.


• Originally categorized as Very Hard (Red), Redstone Ready was later adjusted to Expert (Black) after the addition of Expert/Very Easy difficulty.

• Outpost was the first map published as black, but rsr is the oldest black map due to it being reworked and made much harder before its release in 2017.

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