Events are limited time, server wide features available to players of all ranks or players of a specific rank. They are hosted every so often, usually by an Admin or Mod and often have special rewards for the top ranked players in them. This page covers known events and details about them. They are split into two main categories, server events and building competitions. They are listed by category then chronological order (of the first edition held).

Beep Test[edit]

The beep test is a parkour event hosted randomly by Minr admins, usually HC12345, and Minr moderators. It takes place in its own arena, and can be accessed by players of any rank. It is based off the PACER test, which is a fitness test occasionally held during physical education classes.


During the beep test, players must quickly jump across pseudo-randomly generated parkour, before it despawns. If a player falls down or doesn't make it to the other side, they become "At Risk"; if they fail again, they are eliminated. The last person alive is declared the winner and the game continues running until they die or the test ends.

The parkour begins easy; over time, the parkour gets more challenging, the time between levels decreases, and the amount of levels needed to advance increases. The color of the parkour indicates its growth in difficulty, starting with white parkour, then blue, and so on, following the colors of Minr's difficulty colors.

There is no reward for participating in beep tests, but there is a leaderboard system.

Ninja Warrior[edit]

Ninja Warrior is a parkour event hosted usually around twice a year by HC12345. It always takes place on Saturdays and so far has always been hosted by HC12345, with occasional help from some admins. The event is based off the TV show that has the exact same name.


In Ninja Warrior, players have to complete 4 Stages in order to receive the title of "Ninja Warrior", without falling. Some of the stages have a time limit on them for additional difficulty in their completion.

Until Stage 3, the parkour rises in difficulty making Stage 3 the hardest. While Stage 4 is not very hard, it has a strict time limit that allows no room for error, making it hard for those who have gotten to it to earn the title of Ninja Warrior.

The rewards for Ninja Warrior competitions include colored prefixes, Steam gifts and more.

The Amazing Race[edit]

Based on a TV show of the same name, The Amazing Race is an event only for Greens and up that takes place 1 to 2 times a year. It's first host was HC12345, but it has been hosted by a number of different mods/ops over the years.


In The Amazing Race, contestants run around the map of Minr looking for clues. The event starts where the previous edition of it ended, and includes a first clue at the start. Using clever thinking, knowledge of the map and sometimes online tools, contestants solve the clues which lead them to more clues, all until they get to the final clue which is supposed to lead them to the end of the race.

As it involves map exploration, The Amazing Race requires good knowledge of the world map as well as a fair amount of general knowledge to be able to get to the finish. Because it involves exploring the map, it is restricted to Greens and higher.

Prizes include special star prefixes for the top 3 as well as occasional Steam prizes.

The Great Race Tournament[edit]

The Great Race Tournament, also referred to as TGR Tournament, was a one time event hosted in July 2014 by HC12345. It mainly resolved around the first map in the TGR series, The Great Race.


In the event, players of all ranks were put against each other in a tournament-style bracket. They had to race in the original TGR map and whoever came first in the race would continue further into the event.

The format started with round robins, followed by knockout stages later on. The winner of this event was crafterkid98.

HC's Christmas Chase[edit]

HC's Christmas Chase, or The Christmas Chase was a one time event hosted on Christmas Day in 2014, by HC12345. There have been no new editions of this event ever since.


The event was free for anyone to enter, even with a delayed entrance to it. It consisted of racing through 10 different FFA levels, with whoever beat them all first being the winner.

The winner of this event was chunkyboy12

Tournament of Champions[edit]

Tournament of Champions was a one time event hosted by corygolfanatic in March 2016.


The tournament followed a similar format to that of The Christmas Chase and TGR Tournament. Players had to compete against each other in maps picked by the host.

Sadly, due to time differences and other difficulties the tournament was cancelled half-way and there was never a winner announced.

Purple Comet[edit]

Purple Comet is an event that is occasionally hosted by rmanimal (and Alphaesia). It is held anually, around August, starting in 2016.


During the event, players are given a set of maps in which there are hidden "purple coins", which are purple player heads. Players must look for the coins by doing these maps. Set into one of two teams, the players compete to be the team with the most coins by the end of the event.

The prize is a cosmetic star prefix for the winning player.

Egg Hunt[edit]

Egg Hunt is an event that is mainly hosted by TheHexer. It takes place around April, Easter time. In the second iteration, Egg Hunt 2.0, a competition was held that had teams find eggs, the winning team was ilovenons and niltiac. Egg Hunt is open to players of all ranks to participate.


Egg Hunt has evolved into a large open world search area, primarily created by chayos, where the player searches for eggs. In Egg Hunt 2.0, there was competition between teams of two to compete in finding eggs in a round robin style competition in certain Minr locations.

The winning team received the "Egglord" title.

Minr Sightseeing[edit]

Minr Sightseeing is a competitive event that has been hosted by Marrimars, TheHexer, and Thogin. The event takes place in a single day and has had two iterations, one on August 15th, 2020, which was won by Bailey06 and NoSi, and one on February 27th, 2021, which was won by Jaabus and spolendina. Minr Sightseeing is open to players of all ranks to participate.


Player's can form teams of two or compete alone. The competition tasks the players with identifying pictures of certain Minr maps then going to the exact location that the picture was taken to earn a point.

The winning team or individual earns the "Sightseer" title.

For the second iteration, all participants were awarded the “Globetrotter” hat.

Throwback Finds[edit]

Throwback Finds was an event hosted in conjunction with the 10 year anniversary celebration, only Green+ players could participate. The event was hosted by SomePunWithChloe and rickyboy320 and has only occurred once.


For the anniversary celebration, the Minr staff team opened a 2011 version of Minr's world, Zero. This allowed players to explore an old version of Zero. Throwback Finds tasked the players with a scavenger hunt to find clues that led them throughout the 2011 server, similar to The Amazing Race.

Players that completed the event were rewarded with the "Throwback Hunter" title.

Spawn Competition 2016[edit]

The Spawn Competition hosted in June 2016 was the first of the series of yearly build competitions organized by MINR. For the most part, the competition was organized by Chillers, but with occasional help from other ops. Only greens+ were allowed to enter.


Contestants were given their own plots in the end where they had Creative Mode access for the duration of the competition. They were allowed to receive WorldEdit help from admins, but nothing too minor that could be done without any help. After the entry period was over, the spawns were submitted in a community vote to see which one was the best.

The winner of the competition was minty1111 and his spawn was used as the server spawn until it was changed to City Spawn.

Puzzle Competition 2017[edit]

The Puzzle Competition of 2017, sometimes referred to as “Zath's Puzzle Competition” or just "Puzzlecomp”, was the second in the series of annual build competitions. The competition was mainly hosted by Zatharel. The goal of the competition was to add more pure puzzle maps to FFA.


Just like in other build competitions, competitors are given temporary creative mode, however this time instead of multiple plots per person, the competition is hosted on one large plot. Entries must be complete by August 1st and will later be judged by a panel of judges consisting of 5 Minr Admins.

Maps created[edit]

A total of nine puzzles were created. They are:

1. Miner's Millions by rmanimal

2. Birds of Paradise by Pixiface

3. Festival by swimmy1212

4. Carpe Diem by spolendina

5. The Varied 11 by _Fire_

6. Viae by spolendina

7. Heist by Alphaesia

8. PERCEPTION by MobotMan

9. Zurdite by Rockin_Ravens

10. The Prestige by spolendina

11. Quiz Me Quick by spolendina and henniboy321

12. Puzzles of Light by henniboy321

13. Four Gods by pockleshetcheeto

Maps without a hyperlink were never released to FFA

Maze Competition 2017–2018[edit]

The 2017–2018 maze competition, usually referred to as “Mazecomp”, was third in the series of building competitions.


The competitors had from December 10, 2017 to February 1, 2018 to build their maze. The competiors could build in Zero or Theta, but all of them built in Theta because it was much easier. After the building time ended, the judges played all of the maps to decide the winner. The winning map was Grid Hopper by _Fire_.

Maps Created[edit]

A total of nine mazes were created. They are:

1. Grid Hopper by _Fire_

2. To Be Kind by Zatharel

3. The Minotaur's Labyrinth by Tetration and Bureine

4. Necropolis by spolendina

5. The Exit by c_dric

6. A Dwarven Playground by henniboy321

7. The Crooked Forest by rebplane and Red_Eyed_Cat

8. IKEAmaze by Pixiface and pockleshetcheeto

9. Rainbow Madhouse by eagg2112

Adventure Competition 2018–2019[edit]

The 2019 adventure competition, usually referred to as “Adventurecomp” was fourth in the series of building competitions.


The competitors had from July 13 to February 7 to build an adventure map. After the building time ended, the judges played all of the maps to decide the winner. The winning map was 7 Days of Dreaming by luckylukecraft.

Maps Created[edit]

A total of 6 adventures were created. They are:

1. 7 Days of Dreaming by luckylukecraft

2. Wormhole by lomour

3. Forrestia by Red_Eyed_Cat

4. Stonecold by Berend

5. Ademyth by Squidyerser

6. Hot Headed by Berend

Maps without a hyperlink were never released to FFA

Spawn Competition 2019[edit]

With City Spawn having been used for about a year and a half, it was decided that a new main spawn should be made. The 2019 spawn competition, usually referred to as “Spawncomp” was fifth in the series of building competitions.


The competitors had from May 23 to September 9 to build a spawn, with strict templates on the FFA and "Best Maps" rooms. The spawns had to be aesthetically pleasing and needed to take no more than 10-20 seconds to get to any given map genre. Unlike the previous building competitions, the winner to this event was decided by public voting, which happened for a few weeks after the deadline. The winning spawn was Frozen Spawn, made by chayos.

Spawns Created[edit]

A total of four spawns were created. They are:

1. chayos' Ice Palace (Frozen Spawn)

2. luckylukecraft's Chromatic Circuitry

3. pockleshetcheeto's and rebplane's Mountain of Olympus

4. Sulldas' Mountain Resort

Co-op Competition 2019-2020[edit]

The 2019-2020 co-op competition, usually referred to as “Co-op Comp,” was sixth in the series of building competitions.


The competitors had from September 26 to February 29 to build a co-op map. After the building time ended, the judges elected to run the submitted maps through the regular board process due to the low number of entries into the competition. No winners were announced.

Maps Created[edit]

A total of two maps were created. They are:

1. Perspective 2 by Sulldas

2. Magmatic Fusion by chayos

Puzzle Competition 2020[edit]

The 2020 Puzzle Competition, usually referred to as "puzzlecomp" or "puzzlecomp2" was seventh in the series of building competitions and the second to be focused on puzzle building.


The competitors had from June 1st to August 31st to create their puzzle maps. For this iteration of puzzlecomp, mixed puzzles were permitted. All competitors had to construct their puzzles on one large plot of land in Theta. Maps were judged for both its gameplay and its aesthetics. The competition was first hosted by Zatharel before passing duties over to TheHexer mid-way through. The final judges ended up consisting of chayos, TheHexer, spolendina, and ZombieKiler. The winning map was Jump For Joy by henniboy321.

Maps Created[edit]

A total of twenty two maps were created. They are:

1. Jump For Joy by henniboy321

2. Forensics by jake_osml

3. Nonograms by BTJRedwing

4. The Magic Tower by IanAnth66

5. Worlds Collide by Sulldas

6. Broadway by Autre

7. Eisengeist by IanAnth66 and pieceofcheese

8. Off The Ground by rebplane

9. Transmute by AK1089, Daok28, Dobby728, Nicochico8, and SpawnedThisWay

10. Where On Earth by pieceofcheese

11. If Nothing Then Nothing by rebplane

12. The Artifact by fuzzyhead45 and RobotzMan

13. Aeroship by mod_ern

14. Ikorite by Rockin_Ravens

15. Bored by Dumbmutt and _Trains_

16. Mean Messages 2: Electric Boogaloo by Sulldas

17. Alchademia by IanAnth66 and SlimeJesus

18. More Doors by Bird_Obsession

19. Useless by maxoubar

20. Hell Hotel by Bird_Obsession

21. Quiver by Bird_Obsession

22. Knowledge by Kosmo93

Maps without a hyperlink have not been released to FFA

Hardcore Map Competition 2021[edit]

The 2021 Hardcore Map Competition, usually referred to as "hccomp" or "piececomp" was eighth in the series of building competitions.


The competitors had from January 15th to March 15th to create a mixed map. These mixed maps could be any map type, including mixed parkour, mixed maze, and mixed puzzle. This competition was held for Green+ players to construct maps that could be used in Hardcore 11.0. Maps were judged based on their compatibility with Hardcore. The competition was hosted by pieceofcheese, with assistance from the Minr staff team.

Maps Created[edit]

A total of eight maps were created. They are:

1. Blue Palace* by Anrein

2. Citrus* by Felidae_

3. Fissure* by Shpeckly

4. Mushroom Gorge* by Bird_Obsession

5. One Bad Fall* by BeefSour

6. Palus* by Autre and Scyxer

7. Plastic Oceans by Schylah

8. The Piano Room* by _Trains_

* = Used in Hardcore 11.0

Maps without a hyperlink have not been released

Maze Competition 2021[edit]

The 2021 Maze Competition, usually referred to as "mazecomp" or "mazecomp2" was nineth in the series of building competitions and the second to be focused on maze building.


The competitors had from May 8th to October 31st to create their maze maps. All competitors had to construct their puzzles on one large plot of land in Theta. Maps were judged for both gameplay and aesthetics. The competition was judged by ZombieKiler, Zatharel, pieceofcheese, and TheHexer. The winning map was Hikari by TheGloryThief.

Maps Created[edit]

A total of nine maps were created. They are:

1. Hikari by TheGloryThief

2. Fantasia by _dx_ and ezzaezza

3. Dark Woods by Bird_Obsession

4. Management Mayhem by FraiseFramboise

5. Timewarp by Anrein

6. Flipped by FrananaSplits

7. Twilight by _dx_

8. Snowed In by ThiccChunkyBois

9. Essence by _dx_

Maps without a hyperlink have not been released to FFA

Minr MapJam 2022[edit]

The Minr MapJam 2022 was the first of its kind, a map-making competition but this time with a theme but not a required map type, but it could still be listed as the tenth in the series of building competitions.


The Minr MapJam 2022 started on June 10th and ended on June 12th, giving builders only 48 hours to build a map. The competition had a theme of "They're Watching". Maps were not required to be of any maptype. The competition was hosted and judged by: TheHexer, swimmy1212, thepookabear, IanAnth66, Zatharel, FrananaSplits, TunaFrog, and Buckley06.

Maps Created[edit]

14 maps in total were created. In order of placing,

1. Innsmouth by Marrimars, Snake_Crumble, Anrein, and Visuumii.

2. Adrift by chayos, "Hannah" wavelyte, Scylite, and rebplane.

3. The Beep Factory by ManWithRaft, Hoi_A, DerNiklaas, and Marbou9.

4. Dark Pact by 0l_, LendKaru, luckylukecraft, and TheForsakenFurby.

5. always by gemuse.

6. The Facility by kor0sense1, zhar, Vermilion_Stone, and Viceinc.

7 (tied with 8th). The Colosseum by Jan_Lukas and BurgerSlayin.

8 (tied with 7th). Don't Look Back by Emmdrews, ak1089, and RelatableTeen.

9. Alone by Rarbies.

10. A Cave Full of Eyes by Felidae_.

11. 351 by lostinmindspace, Soumate, TheGloryThief, and spooklukes.

12. The Eyeland by rmanimal, swiff, and PipanPlum.

13. The Calling by DarkHawkEyes.

14. The Trials by ScantHickory997.

Maps without a hyperlink have not been released to FFA

PrideJam 2023[edit]

A different take on MapJam hosted in celebration of Pride Month 2023.


Hosted from June 7th until June 21st, participants were given one week to make a map of any type that focused on being proud or pride in general. The competition was hosted and judged by: wavelyte, swiff, TunaSurprise, FrananaSplits, jake_osml, and egabbac

Maps Created[edit]

10 maps in total were created. In alphabetical order,

1. Double A by rebplane

2. fall gays by gemuse, emmdrews, and _Amphi

3. Find Myself by andrewforreal, Jakube_, JM4s, and facecat1

4. Ice Supride by rmanimal

5. Iris & Dino by Marrimars, Snake_Crumble, Tetration, and Visuumii

6. Kaleidoscopic by BoggledToggo and Sakapaka1

7. Matchmaker by Sullus

8. Parade by 0l_, TheForsakenFurby, zhar, and LendKaru

9. Polychromatic by ScantHickory997

10. The Pride Grid by Catreus95

Maps without a hyperlink have not been released to FFA

Minr Chess Tourney 2.0[edit]

A chess tournament by AverageIPA and BoggledToggo was hosted from August 12th to October 9th, 2023. Competitors were split into four brackets based on their online ratings and played in a double elimination format. The winner of each bracket received a Grandmaster Title, and all participants received a Participation Crown.


  • Jeeves_Wooster (Bracket A Winner)
  • sakapaka1 (Bracket B Winner)
  • derNiklaas (Bracket C Winner)
  • Katapharos (Bracket D Winner)
  • rambells
  • AK1089
  • sportsfuzombie
  • BurgerSlayin
  • Viceinc
  • EarthToTrashCan
  • BTJRedwing
  • clawful_
  • rmanimal
  • TheTranscriptGuy (Has a video on the event!)
  • Jakube_
  • Jaceryan
  • Marbou9
  • TheForsakenFurby
  • starling_
  • RAMTurtle
  • Gigibee28
  • Junkjake
  • MeisterXehanort
  • Kasebett
  • Soker
  • KittyCatElite
  • Lightwood13
  • Moosebane2
  • AtomicAdam0
  • Sullus
  • Gramagon
  • rachelmr
  • SoulTB
  • TheGloryThief
  • R0BObit
  • dzdx1998
  • Karakabbage
  • aeiou08
  • ManWithRaft
  • ElectroUnderwear
  • Amperatic
  • Alphaesia
  • bzrklive

Lichess Studies of Games[edit]

Both of the links below are to all of the games played in this tournament. 81 total chess games were played: 64 are in the first link, and 17 are in the second. Games are in chronological order.

Study 1

Study 2