Jiga's Claymaze

Jiga's Claymaze
Jiga's Clay Maze.png
The fabled ending to the maze and to all of Hardcore.
Map information
Reward 0 FFA Points
Location HC (HC-14)
Mapcode jig
Creator Jigabot
Food None
Publication Late-November 2010

Jiga's Claymaze is a pure maze map by Jigabot. It would reward 4 FFA Points upon completion, but they will never be given out, because this map is and will always be the last map in Hardcore.



This maze uses long, stretched-out corridors with few forks in the road and even fewer dead ends. Visible above the barrier ceiling are bridges and towers. Underneath the floor is a layer of ice, allowing the player to travel faster if they hold jump while sprinting.

This map is the home of Jigabird, the most fearsome creature in all of Minr. If you make eye contact with this beast, it is already too late.


As the name implies, all of the walls of this maze are made of clay, with a couple rows of stone slabs at the top and one on the floor. The towers are made out of stone, and are all connected to the one in the center by glass bridges.


The design of Jiga’s Claymaze actually goes back further than Minr. Jigabot first used the layout in the summer of 2010 as a spawn maze on his server "Jiga's Multiverse". Back then it was made of just one block: cobblestone. When Jigabot shut down his server, c_dric founded Zero Minr as a new home for old players of his server. After a few weeks, as a lot of new players started joining, c_dric and other admins had a lot of work screening them before giving them build rights. It was then that they realized they could use Jigabot's concept and let a maze do the work. When Jigabot found out about this, he made a copy of the map on Minr, with new blocks and a new ending.


This map is currently being used in Hardcore 11.1, so it isn't featured in any challenges.


  • As stated above, this was the last map in Hardcore in the very first version, and has been the finale to every single other version since. There are no plans for this to ever change.
  • Jiga's Claymaze is the third-oldest map on Minr, just behind Old Level 2 and Skytop Labyrinth.

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