The snapshot of the chaotic parkour branches
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA+
Mapcode FFA-chao
Creator kaddekes
Food Cooked Salmon x64

Chaos is a pure parkour map by kaddekes that has you ascending chaotic branches that converge at a central point. It awards 4 FFA Points.


The map starts my having the player drop into the mouth of a huge beast. As the player falls they get a message reading "I will devour you whole!". The player then travels down a path which is open to the outside world. The main challenge of the map comes in a huge obsidian cylinder. Inside of it there are four wool branches: one orange, one blue, one green and one red. They reach up chaotically and randomly, and the player must follow a semi-linear path upwards to reach the floating island where they all converge.

The map uses a lot of wool. as is common in a lot of kaddekes' maps. The map is very open, and as you ascend the obsidian gradually erodes and gives way to glowstone rings and floating glowstone particles. It aims to be more of a server structure than a contained build.


This map appears in two challenges: the Hard Parkour Pack and Hexa Challenge.


  • This map was part of the infamous Hardcore version 4.0 in which it was the first map in the Bright Path (along with Wolly Mammoth). It was the most commonly chosen path by players.
  • Many of kaddekes's other maps can be seen from Chaos, including Wolly Mammoth, Bugs, Sssnake and Demon.