4 Corners Dojo

4 Corners Dojo
4 Corners Dojo.png
An upwards view of the second corner in the map.
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location HC (HC-1)
Mapcode 4cd
Creator Ajdj123321
Food None
Publication May 2013

4 Corners Dojo is a mixed parkour by Ajdj123321. It would reward 12 FFA Points upon completion, but it’s currently being used in Hardcore 10.2, so it can’t be accessed directly, nor does it give points.



The map is divided up into 4 different corners, each of which has varying mechanics. The first corner focuses on simple parkour, and all of the jumps can be done without sprinting. The second corner is much more difficult and has tight jumps on and around fences. There is also fire and lava present, so there is a very real threat of death present. The third corner consists of a door maze with 5 levels, with wrong doors leading to a drop into a small, traditional maze. The final corner is a difficult riddle set in a graveyard which kills the player if they answer wrong.


Each corner of the map has a different aesthetic. The first corner of the dojo is made of wooden fences and blocks and features grassy plains on the outside. The second corner contains nether brick fences and blocks and has an infernal landscape surrounding it. The third corner is built from sandstone and is surrounded by an arid desert. The final corner is built out of stone bricks but is inaccessible until after solving the riddle. The outside is made to resemble a graveyard, with dozens of headstones jutting up from the ground.


Original article written by Ajdj123321

4 Corners was originally going to focus on four separate city-esque sections, and you would perform something for each one of them. After allocating space and laying out basic outlines I realized that there was not enough space to do what I wanted. I instead re-shifted the focus to being four trials. In May of 2012, 4 Corners was published and featured 2 segments of parkour and 2 maze sections.

However, as time passed, standards rose. FFA+ was launched and the server had begun to shift towards higher quality. I then realized that there wasn't too much that separated it from the normal courses. The course was closed for 6 weeks as the parkour segments were reconstructed, and the second maze turned into a riddle. The course re-opened in October 2013. Shortly after it was nominated and accepted into FFA+. The parkour segments that were formerly floating blocks were replaced with twisting and shifting platforms, forcing players to actively look for where the next jump is.

In hindsight, a lot of the trials in 4 Corners were inspired by the original HC. Both are structured as many trials strung together, and both require a mastery of parkour and mental sharpness. The mastery comes from the difficulty of the first two corners where jumps aren't always seen and must be searched for. The mental ability comes from the complex door maze and challenging riddle.​


This map is currently being used in Hardcore 10.2, so it isn't featured in any challenges.


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