Prevalent Secrets


The Tulip

In mostly every Zatharel map there is a Red Tulip with a sign indication "TULIP" in all red letters.

Maps Used

Janus - It is located outside the labs at the end of the map.

Gebul - The tulip is on the square island with the end sign. Simply head to the South-East tree and the tulip will be at the base.

Valentine - At the "Bridges of Love" floor, one of the 2*2 rose decorations has a red tulip.

Wool Town - In the credits graveyard the tulip is in a flower pot behind the Author.

Agni - At the South-East nether brick tower, there is a tulip at the base.

Hel - Once you enter the outside, head left to the large tree. A tulip is at the trunk.

The Gallery - Enter the iron door at the top floor and head to the roof. It is behind the pig painting.

Village - One of the exit houses of the sandstone maze has a tulip.

Storm - Immediately at the start of the map you should see the tulip.

Pandemonium - In a dead-ended part of the maze, there lies a tulip in the ground.

Halls of Infinity - At the start maze, head to the top floor and go North-East for the tulip.

The Story - In the very end of the map, a tulip will appear near the credits.

Tulip Among Tulip - Right before the carpet sign there is a tulip.

Divergence - When running along the outer bridges, a tulip is placed on an east island.

Eternity - At the choose a number area, look at the lava lake near the entry point. A tulip is placed just near it.

Departure - In level 4, you can find the tulip in the South-West corner.

Tulip Among Grass - There is no specific main tulip, but there are red TULIP signs.

ANHUR - On one of the small lava islands in the center of the map is the tulip.

Emerald of Time - Behind the blank gravestone next to Martha Blue is the tulip.


In any map that yeroc424 has made a major contribution to, he adds a flamingo and Flamango to it.

Maps Used

Aqueous - Jump into the water, and underneath the temple island is a few flamingos and Flamango.

Block Party - At house address 3137 is a house obsessed with flamingos. Flamango also is inside.

Iron Door - One of the puzzles featured is Flamingle, which features yeroc's flamingos. The objective is to find Flamango, who doesn't look at any other flamingos.

Ghidora Manor - Once you get onto the floor of the labyrinth, head north. Behind a pillar is a flamingo and Flamango.

Palmtree Panic - In the Good Future, there is a flamingo with Flamango taking a bath.

The Banner

In any map that rmanimal has made, he adds a signature banner, with gray, black, and lime vertical colors covered by a red and yellow slashes.

Maps Used

A Whittle Story - In the outside portion, the banner is found on one of the ledges.

Coil - It is placed on one of the rainbow hills outside the map. Easiest to see by reaching the end of the map and looking South-West.

The Great Cake - Underneath the edge of the large iron sword is a secret room with the banner.

Trek - In the large room there is a path to a secret mid-cp. In the quartz room before the sign is a banner.


In some maps, a universal character named Ken can be found.