The Refinery

The Refinery
The Refinery.png
Aerial view of the refinery from the helicopter.
Map information
Reward 25 FFA Points
Difficulty Expert
Location FFA
Mapcode trf
Creators Viceinc, kor0sense1, Vermilion_Stone, Rarbies, zhar
Food None
Publication June 9, 2022

The Refinery is a mixed parkour map by Viceinc, kor0sense1, Vermilion_Stone, Rarbies, and zhar. It rewards 25 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join trf”.



In The Refinery, the player is a special agent sent to destroy the evil lab.


The player starts in a helicopter; after jumping down into the giant hole that the map is locating in, the parkour starts outside of a large dump truck. The player then reaches the inside of the truck and must jump on top of several pieces of amethyst falling from the red crane above into the truck. The first checkpoint is reached once the player climbs onto the bucket of the red crane.

The first checkpoint starts with a large slime jump, with most of the other jumps being on iron bars.

The player reaches the second checkpoint in in the control cabin of this crane. This checkpoint climbs up the crane with jumps mostly being on glass panes and ladders. At the top of the crane is the third checkpoint.

The first jump of the third checkpoint is an optional 45 strafe - the 45 strafe is not necessary if the player starts around 0.02 blocks from the back of the momentum. The player is then inside the refinery, in a sort of storage for amethyst. This section includes many jumps on the amethyst buds, which adds much of the difficulty for this section. After reaching the top of the small tower that the player had first gotten into, the player reaches the fourth checkpoint.

The fourth checkpoint starts by jumping on iron bars and ladders around a conveyor belt, but then goes outside and around a dump bin, mostly including more iron bar jumps. After a short fail-safed section inside, the player reaches a very short section that is partially life or death, with the fail-safe requiring a completely life or death jump to be completed. The player then shortly reaches the fifth checkpoint, inside what seems to be the smokestack to some sort of generator resembling a nuclear reactor smokestack.

In the fifth checkpoint, the player climbs up the smokestack through various jumps including slime jumps and jumps on glass panes. After coming about half-way up the smokestack, the player reaches the sixth checkpoint.

The sixth checkpoint exits the smokestack, briefly enters the refinery, then exits the refinery and climbs up the outside of the smokestack. Many of the jumps on the smokestack are iron bar jumps, though many of them include ladders as well. Once the top of the smokestack is reached, the player reaches the seventh checkpoint.

In the seventh checkpoint, after a long slime jump, the player jumps around the giant claw of the yellow crane and then jumps across another long slime jump to the base of the yellow crane. This crane includes many glass pane and ladder jumps. Halfway up the crane is the eighth checkpoint.

During the eighth checkpoint, the parkour continues mostly similarly to the top of the crane, to the ninth checkpoint.

The ninth checkpoint starts with a short dropper through the giant hole into the ground. The player then jumps across several vehicles in this cave, and then reaches a shaft. As the player jumps up the shaft, most of the jumps are on trapdoors or normal blocks, though there are several jumps with ladders. About one third of the way up this shaft is a small cave that comes out to the side of the shaft and includes two somewhat difficult jumps that must be completed before the tenth checkpoint.

The first jump of the tenth checkpoint is a bwmm (backwards momentum), it requires either backwards head-hitter timing or backwards two-tick timing (or some other bwmm that works for 2 blocks of momentum where the second block is one block higher than the first one). After this, a post-gapped double algebra neo must be completed (also known as the reverse bingus neo), and then a butterfly neo with sidewall assist. After these jumps is the eleventh checkpoint.

The eleventh checkpoint includes mostly jumps similar to the end of the ninth checkpoint when in the shaft, but at the end of the shaft, the player climbs out into the lab. In the first room of this lab, the player completes two separate jumps, each completely fail-safed. After these jumps, the player reaches the main lobby of the lab. After several jumps, there is a short fail-safed section and then a partial (only brings back to the beginning of the lab lobby) life or death section. After this are two small rooms: the first of which is a sort of potion room, and the second of which has no easily discernible theme. After this, the player climbs up a small amount and then reaches a larger room, which has several pillars which appear to be powered by amethyst. After this room is the twelfth checkpoint.

The twelfth checkpoint starts with jumps over the initial lab lobby and then comes into a library. This library includes mostly ladder jumps, and spirals around the middle of the library until there is an opening. Once inside the middle, the player must complete a nix neo minus 1.25 blocks. After completing this jump, the player must go through two more small rooms. The first of these rooms is a room with a zombie in a holding chamber, and the second has no easily discernible theme. After these rooms, the player enters a server room. This server room includes two fail-safed sections with partial (only brings back to the start of the room) life or death parkour in-between. The next room is the inside of a large cylindrical object located inside the lab lobby. After ascending this tube, the player reaches the top of the lab, inside a greenhouse with four different trees, each being converted either to or from amethyst. Each of these trees includes a one-jump inside the tree planter, with very easy or no parkour in-between each one. After the greenhouse, there is one final jump that must be completed before the thirteenth checkpoint, but it is completely fail-safed and a strategy to completing the jump is given.

The thirteenth checkpoint is located on the satellite tower on top of the lab. The jumps in this checkpoint largely are made of iron bars, walls, and ladders. The checkpoint is relatively short, when compared to the twelfth checkpoint, and it ends when the player jumps to a helicopter.

The fourteenth checkpoint is even shorter than the thirteenth checkpoint, including only a few jumps before the final jump: a 45 strafe. This 45 strafe cannot be "cheesed" with a setup, though it is easier with one. When this jump is completed, the player finds themselves in a plane, and can finish the map.


The Refinery takes place in a large hole in the earth, or so it seems, with rock layers on the side that fade from stone to dirt. The refinery itself is mostly made of different types of stone, though the smokestack is made of concrete. The two cranes are made up of the same blocks, but different colors. The lab is mostly quartz, though it includes a small deepslate foundation. The helicopters and the plane are made up of mostly concrete, though there are deepslate details on the helicopters.


This map is featured in one challenge: Hexa.


  • The Refinery is the first expert map to be explicitly listed as being made by more than three different players.
  • The large cylinder in the middle of the lab lobby has jokingly been referred to as the "Kor", an abbreviation of kor0sense1's name.
  • The reason for the map's mixed parkour rating is due to the dropper approximately half-way through; it would be rated as a pure parkour otherwise.

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