A shot of the second to last room of Eternity.
Map information
Reward 7 FFA Points
Difficulty Moderate
Location FFA
Mapcode etr
Creator Zatharel
Food None
Publication February 21, 2015

Eternity is an adventure map by Zatharel. It rewards 7 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join etr".



Eternity starts with a small dropper, with lava rings all around the circular dropper, once the player has surpassed this they will have to tackle a small word puzzle to progress to a parkour room, with the threat of falling into the parkour to their death. After this, the player must progress before another small puzzle. The penultimate in the map involves the player searching for a number and a word to input to progress to a small parkour room, with very high kill potential.


Eternity uses a lot of blocks that can be found in the nether/crafted with materials from the nether. The map uses a lot of magma blocks, obsidian blocks, netherrack, and red nether bricks used to create a hellish theme to the map. The final room has a mix of soulsand, netherrack & nether wart blocks with buildings made out of nether brick & chiseled quartz. The room also has glowstone dangling from the ceiling, with lava oozing out of the walls, to add to the already ever-present threat of fall damage.


Eternity is featured in five challenges: 2015 Assortment, Satan's Pit, The Path of Heroes, TULIP, and Hexa.


Original article by Zatharel

In 2014 I started a project named "Ninth Circle", created to force the player to go through nine seemingly identical rooms in order to find a way out.

After designing pieces of that old map, such as the main "eternity" room and the old sand map start (no longer in use, instead replaced with the drop) I started connecting them, and they became a map. Something was wrong though, as I hadn't really been following the original theme, so I tweaked a lot and ended up with Eternity, a simulation of a realm of imprisonment.

In August 2014 I submitted the map for review, and after that review, I did a lot of editing. The most notable changes were the replacement of the sand area with a new drop and the main room gameplay change, which made it so one doesn't have to just guess a number but rather has to look for digits and (based on clues) figure out the entire number.

Finally, the map was put into FFA on the 21st of February 2015. Chronologically the first person that isn't me to have completed this map is rickyboy320, who was the penguin who put the map in FFA in the first place (thanks mate).


  • In Eternity, from the final puzzle room, you can see the leftover remains of Eternity v1, before it was reworked to what the map is today.

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