2022-10-11 17.33.22.png
An overview of the map from the far side
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode ani
Creators Viceinc, kor0sense1, Vermilion_Stone
Food None
Publication September 21, 2022

Animism is a pure parkour map by Viceinc, kor0sense1, and Vermilion_Stone. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join ani”.



Although no official story, it seems like the player is attempting to catch a view of the sunrise from a beautiful viewpoint.


The player starts in a small cave at ground level. After some parkour on barrels under cherry blossom trees and a failsafed jump on the waterfall, the player reaches a small fenced-in bamboo grove. The player then jumps over stone columns, the cliff, and even the bamboo itself. At the top of a large bamboo section is a checkpoint.

The first checkpoint starts with a large slime jump to some parkour one the sakura trees before going into the first of the two temples. Inside is a variety of different jumps that ends with two more difficult failsafed jumps. The player then jumps onto another tree and reaches the second checkpoint.

The parkour shifts to another section near the ground. With several slime jumps and interesting neos, the player jumps up to the top of the second section of trees. After a few failsafed jumps on the trees and a final un-failsafed jump, the player comes to the second temple. The temple has just one jump on the first floor, and only one difficult jump on the next. After the jumps, the player reaches the third checkpoint.

The third checkpoint starts with parkour under the bridge before parkour over the bridge to get into a cave. The cave has only a few jumps, though harder than many others in the map, before the fourth checkpoint.

The fourth and final checkpoint starts with a continuation of parkour in the cave. Similar to the third checkpoint, there are only a few jumps in this section but the jumps are harder than many in the rest of the map. The cave then transitions into a failsafed section with just 2 hard jumps before reaching the end of the map.


The valley that the map takes place in comprises of mostly stone, with large vines climbing along and up the walls. Moss is the main block used for grass in the map. Gold blocks are frequently used as a source of decoration in places of interest, especially on the temples. Mangrove and jungle are the predominant wood types for the temples and other structures, though spruce is used for tree trunks. The first part of the last cave consists of blocks similar to those of the valley walls, though the second part of it takes on a style including more dripstone and less moss. The valley also includes a forest on top of it, though the player cannot reach it.


This map is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa.


  • Although not affiliated with the Zen series, it takes on a similar style to them.

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