A shot of part of the top of the village.
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Novice
Location FFA
Mapcode vil
Creator Zatharel
Food None
Publication November 12, 2015

Village is a pure maze map by Zatharel. It rewards 4 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join vil".



Village is a unique maze, where the player enters the main building must go down into a 2 layered maze- where if they go up on the top of these two then the player finds themselves in the lower part of one of the village's buildings. Each building's interior is designed differently, adding to the experience and leaving the player wondering what the exit will look like to escape the first part of the maze. In the second part of the maze, the player must navigate the top of the buildings to find where to finish the map.


The whole of Village's buildings uses cut sandstone to create the exterior look, along with oak fences in window spaces, alongside wooden slabs on the roofs of the buildings. Torches are symmetrically placed on the buildings, with yellow and orange carpets decorated all over the floor, alongside end stone bricks. The insides of the buildings typically have basic interior blocks like bookshelves, note blocks, barrels, and chests. The walls around the village are primarily made out of red sandstone, with each corner of the 4 walls having a 3x3 building in it with lava flowing in the middle of it.


This map is featured in five challenges: 2015 Assortment, Novice Maze Pack, TULIP, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Built based on a level from the game Kairo
  • Built without WorldEdit

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