The Story


Original article written by Zatharel

Upon getting green, magicdem0n11 immediately started working on a map and with the help of friends (thefattestpig, rickyboy320, Bananbulle) it was going pretty fast. I believe I only provided materials back then, I didn't help much with the map itself.

Originally, the map was intended to have two parts. The first part is the one that is currently available to play in FFA, while the other was intended to be a followup where the player goes through the story itself. There were lots of versions of this second part but really none of them worked out.

The most notable version was the one where the player had joined a gang and was being chased by the cops for robbing a house. After I started working on the map, we decided to scrap that part since there was really no storyline involved there. We removed most of the things built for part 2, and the ones we didn't remove we left for another day.

I mostly only did the thinking and the fixes for issues, while magic made the map itself. In the end I think we did a good job with the map. For information purposes, this was magic's first map and my third map. The map is currently rated Green (2 points) and is located in the Mixed Mazes section of the FFA ship. We have talked about a sequel being created from the scraps of part 2, but we still haven't decided anything.