Agni seen from one of the four towers in the map
Map information
Reward 5 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode FFA-c-agn
Creator Zatharel
Food Cooked Fish x64


Map Identification[edit]

Agni is a pure parkour map located in FFA and awards 5 points on completion.

The map can be accessed on the server using one of two commands:

  1. /c join Agni
  2. /c join ffa-c-agn


Agni has no storyline.


Agni consists of 11 different segments: the middle, 4 corners, 5 transfers, and the shard.

  1. The middle is the starting area. The ground is lava, and if you fall you have to restart.
  2. After the middle comes the first transfer. The ground is lava here aswell.
  3. After the first transfer comes the first corner. It's the first safe-area as the ground is made of nether wart blocks.
  4. After the first corner comes another transfer. The ground is lava here.
  5. After the second transfer comes the second corner. The ground is safe here aswell
  6. After the second corner comes the third transfer. Again, the ground is lava.
  7. After the third transfer comes the third corner. The gound is safe here.
  8. After the third corner comes the fourth transfer. The ground is lava.
  9. After the fourth transfer comes another transfer, although the floor is made of magma blocks, so the room is semi-safe
  10. After the fifth transfer comes the fourth and final corner. The ground is safe.
  11. After the final corner comes the shard. The shard consists of parkour between four towers before finally approaching the shard.


The map is made of mostly 1.10 materials (Magma Block, Red Nether Brick, Nether Wart Block) that were new at the time of making. The overall theme of the map is Nether textures.


Agni is featured in the Insane Challenge, The A-Team Challenge and the Hexa Challenge.


  • Agni is the hardest pure parkour map on the server.
  • Like every map made by Zatharel, Agni contains a hidden red tulip.
  • Despite the difficulty of the map, the fastest time is held by SleeknFoxy at 3 minutes, 55 seconds. The average time is about 12 minutes.