Tulip Among Grass

Tulip Among Grass
A shot of two large tulips.
Map information
Reward 2 FFA Points
Difficulty Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode tag
Creator Zatharel
Food None
Publication May 6, 2016

Tulip Among Grass is a mixed puzzle map by Zatharel. It rewards 2 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using "/c join tag".



The player spawns into a grassy area, where they must search for a way to progress into the puzzle. The rest of the map has the user searching for the solution to each puzzle, following the limited directions as to what they need to do on a sign at the start of the puzzle.


The room the player spawns into is a tall grassy area, with small pools of water and flowers dotted around the area, there are a few mossy cobblestone & small stone structures placed around the area. Most noticeably, the surrounding area is surrounded by giant tulips. The second room is a continuation of the first rooms stone structures, with it being an underground version of this, dotted with redstone torches and cobwebs placed on the ceiling. The third room is a corrupted version of the second room, with soul sand and nether bricks being used to achieve this effect. The fourth room is a stark contrast to the rest of the map, with it being based upon the nether, using soul sand, netherrack, lava, and a couple of other blocks.


Tulip Among Grass is featured in four challenges: 2016 Assortment, Blue Oceans, TULIP, and Hexa.


  • Zatharel mentions how this is another one of his maps he built in a day.
  • Tulip Among Grass is part of a 3-map series, with the other two maps being Tulip Among Tulip, and Tulip Tulip Tulip.
  • The tulip is a reference to Zatharel's callsign, the tulip flower.

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