Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode FFA-c-xxx
Creators One, Two
Food Cooked Salmon x64

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History and Description[edit]

Original article written by yeroc424


This map was first conceived in a dream - a network of rotted bridges held by wooden towers atop a foggy mountain. To keep the dream fresh in the mind, it was doodled in a notebook during school, and the concept of passing through the mountain with tunnels was introduced here. It was deemed that this could become a minecraft project, and so yeroc424 began building it on Zero. The fog element had to be lost, and the mountain constructed was much too small for the original idea. As a result, the map focused more upon the water below and the contents of the mountain. A small pagoda was build atop the mountain, and a dungeon filled the interior of the mountain, which mostly replaced the tunnel idea. Also, though it was originally intended to be a three-dimensional open maze, the broken bridges inspired yeroc to make the map into parkour instead. Thus, project Aqueous was begun, taking three months for its completion.

Course Details[edit]

The map is primarily parkour, with the goal of reaching the top of the pagoda. Outside the mountain, one needs to think cleverly to cross the bridges; not all paths are as straightforward as they seem. There are at least three branches of direction, but no directions lead to dead ends. However, some are harder than others. The mountain itself contains a hellish, lava-filled dungeon. This needs to be traversed at least two times in order to beat the map. There is a checkpoint at the halfway mark, and this is the saving grace for most players. Upon finishing the bridge section, the player must jump across a maze of glowstone hovering over the map. Once this is completed, the player enters the pagoda - only to be met by a labyrinth with no dead ends. This map is extremely difficult (red wool) and awards five points. Aqueous is found in the first FFA+ parkour room.


The map has become a favorite for point-hungry greens. Those who beat this map are held with distinction by their competitors. It is also commonly subject to the joke of being "the easiest map". Yet, yeroc did not initially intend the map to be tough; he wanted it to be more of an endurance test, much like the much-older Sky Parkour by RomanTheEvil. For this reason, no ceiling jumps or required four-gap jumps are present. The course was among the first added to FFA+, thus setting a standard for aspiring builders. It is favored for being visually open, yet compressing multiple paths to small areas, which yeroc is known to do. Also, there are strong, appealing color contrasts outside and inside the dungeon, and even in the floors of the pagoda. One glaring flaw is that the entire map floats much above the water, and the mountain was never finished. However, yeroc has no intent to complete the mountain. Underneath the mountain is Flamango, yeroc's easter egg character from his Block Party collaboration.