An overview of the map from above.
Map information
Reward 25 FFA Points
Difficulty Expert
Location FFA
Mapcode afl
Creators Viceinc, kor0sense1, zhar, Rarbies, EarthToTrashCan, Vermilion_Stone
Food None
Publication September 15, 2022

Affliction is a pure parkour map by Viceinc, kor0sense1, zhar, Rarbies, EarthToTrashCan, and Vermilion_Stone. It rewards 25 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join afl”.



The player starts on the ground, parkouring on spikes and the walls over to a tree. After climbing the tree, the player reaches a slime jump to enter the large spike near the center of the map. After some parkour in and around the spike, the player reaches another slime jump to get to the first cave.

The first cave starts with a short section before a much longer section. This section includes many types of jumps, predominantly different kinds of neos. The final jump of the section is particularly interesting, being a 5 block jump. After a one-jump, the player nears the end of the cave. The final part consists of two short sections with harder jumps. Once out of the cave, the player must complete several easier jumps that, if failed, send the player back to the start of the map. Then the player is at the second cave.

The second cave starts with an easier section before a much longer section. Both sections include a wide variety of jumps, including neos, slime jumps, ladder jumps, and others. After this section is the outside, which, like after the first cave, features a series of easy jumps that are life or death. This transition is slightly more lenient however: if the player falls, they only fall back to the tree before the first cave.

Upon reaching the third cave, the player is met with a difficult double slime jump. The rest of the section is long and challenging as well, also ending with a double slime jump. After a bingus partial reverse nix neo - 0.5 one jump, the player is met with yet another life or death section, with the punishment this time being sent back to the second section of the first cave. The last section of the third cave is afterwards, including several slime jumps, neos, and a fail-safed jump before the last easy jump.

The last part of the map is the much feared 'sky'. This is a longer section of jumps, all life or death. All of the jumps can be completed with either the jam or fmm timing, but are still scary because of the punishment for failure. The last jump in particular can induce stress in players because of the turn involved in the jump, which is only somewhat lenient. The last jump, being considered somewhat difficult, has a more lenient punishment as well: if the player falls, they are only sent back to the last cave. The player then jumps into the head of the dragon and finishes the map.


The canyon in the map features a black to gray textured gradient covering the walls and spikes. There is also a large curve of magma flowing in the walls. The first cave starts out like a black tube with magma swirls, then changes to a short section inside of a skull, then changes to a purple and black theme. The second cave starts with warped wood and sculk but transitions to stripped crimson wood. The third cave starts with a strong red theme with nether wart and crimson wood. The life or death section afterwards has a bone theme while keeping the blackstone walls used throughout the caves. The last section of the last cave is a gold section, including many stripes of gold blocks along the walls, floor, and ceiling. On top of the map is a dragon (just the head, actually) and a ruined village, presumably burned by the dragon.


This map is featured in 1 challenge: Hexa.


  • Affliction is the first expert map with 6 creators, and the expert map in second place for most creators, The Refinery, was also made by the same people as Affliction (with the exception of EarthToTrashCan).
  • Affliction is the first rankup map (with the arguable exception of Sheol).
  • Affliction was originally planned to be a white map. What a crazy change of plans!

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