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<big>[[Updates|Upcoming Versions & History]]</big>
<big>[[Updates|Upcoming Versions & History]]</big>
:Current Server version: '''1.13.2'''
:Current Server version: '''1.13.2'''
:Current Minr plugin version: '''10.3.1'''
:Current Minr plugin version: '''10.3.2'''
=== Event Timers ===
=== Event Timers ===
{{Event timers}}
{{Event timers}}

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Welcome to the official Minr wiki!

Latest update: Cosmetics and Valentines Event

Welcome to the official Minr wiki! Consult the Frequently Asked Questions for wiki editing rules and guidelines.

News & updates

Upcoming Versions & History

Current Server version: 1.13.2
Current Minr plugin version: 10.3.2

Event Timers

Co-op Map Competition 2019-2020

There are 5 days 19 hours left before the Co-op Map Competition deadline. (Refresh)

The Amazing Race - 2019

The Amazing Race has finished. (Refresh)


October 22, 2019
▪ Happy 9th Birthday Minr.org
October 17, 2019
▪ The Amazing Race - 2019
September 25, 2019
▪ Co-op Map Building Competition

Getting Started

New to the server? Here are some pages for getting started with the minr.org infrastructure:


All maps are stored in a location that defines their accessibility and state.