The Forums is a place where players, usually Greens+, can discuss subjects and changes, make suggestions, report bugs and shortcuts, and do many other things in a much more organized and formal way than on the Discord.

Universal Top Bar[edit]

This is the row of options that always appears at the top of the screen (or under the hamburger menu on mobile), above the lower top bar.

  • The "Home" button links to the home page and its drop-down menu displays the items in the Home Page's lower top bar.
  • The "Forums" button is the same way, but displaying the Forums' lower top bar under its drop-down menu instead.
  • The "Pages" button is a drop-down list linking to this wiki, the Discord, the map of Zero Overworld, and the Server Rules page.
  • The "Tools" button is also only drop-down list, linking to the creation template for several forum threads, those being the ones to submit a map, report a player, suggest a reward change, and Apply For the Board (main page: Board). All of these except reporting a player are only visible to Greens+.
  • The "Members" button links to the Members section and brings down a drop-down list of several different pages. Registered Members is list of every single registered member on the site, as well their info. Current Visitors is a list of every member and guest that's viewing the forum. New Profile Posts is a complete archive of every single profile post and their replies, and Search Profile Posts allows you to search said archive.
  • The "Calendar" button brings up a calendar with days marked for certain events or maintenance dates. Long events be marked on many days, while short events will be more specific. Any Green+ can add to this Calendar.

To the side of these links are 4 other buttons, these being your account, your latest alerts, your conversation inbox, and the site searchbar.


This is where players can most easily view important announcements and updates, as the latest ones are displayed down the main column of this page, with a large preview. Down the side of the Home Page are lots of different menus and windows, including the current members and people you follow online, the top 5 voters of the month, event timers for long events (if any are going on), the 5 latest forum posts, a full list of all members online in the Discord, and the forum statistics.

Home Top Bar[edit]

The lower top bar of the home page contains the following:

  • What's New, which displays the latest forum posts and profile posts.
  • Your News Feed, which displays all recent activity of the people you follow.
  • Latest Activity, which displays all recent activity of every single member.


This is the main part of the site, and where Greens can view all of the subforums. The main column of this page is split into several sections. "Latest Posts" of course displays the latest posts from all subforums. The other sections below this list out different subforums and the latest post from them.[edit]

4 subforums visible to Greens are displayed here:

  • News and Announcements, which only staff members can post new threads in, is self-explanatory; broadcasts, events, server updates, maintenance, and various other important subjects are announced here.
  • Ban Appeals, where banned players may go to appeal their punishment. All users have a maximum of 3 appeals they may submit. Hopefully you will never have to post anything here.
  • Greenies Only, as the name implies, is only acessible to Greens+. Here they may discuss general topics concerning the server classified to greens that don't fit under any of the 3 subforums that this one contains, which are:
    • Minr Scripts, in which users my discuss matters conerning scripts in Minr, but most of this subforum consists of tutorials and guides on how to use and understand them, as well as various complex things you can make with scripts.
    • Map Submissions, where Greens+ go to submit completed maps. Once a map is submitted here, it undergoes the Board process, in which its members review and critique the map, changing its tag to represent what state the map is in (main page: The Board Process).
    • Reward Proposals, where threads suggesting for certain maps or challenges to have their FFA Point or Challenge Point rewards changed can be made and voted on. For more info on how the voting process works, see the Reward Change System.
  • Public, where general discussions and questions about the server that Whites and Blues can see take place, and also where events are announced (in addition to News and Announcements).

Off Topic Discussions[edit]

4 subforums visible to Greens are displayed here. They are all fairly self-explanatory, so they will simply be listed out:

The Helpdesk[edit]

This is where greens post to make suggestions and to report bugs. 2 subforums are displayed here:

  • Helpdesk, the general help section where greens can post threads making suggestions and complaints, and reporting bugs.
  • Shortcuts, where shortcuts are reported. The definition of what's considered a "shortcut" is laid out in the Shortcut Definitions and Discussion.

Forums Top Bar[edit]

The lower top bar of the forums page and any threads in it contains the following:

  • What's New, which displays the latest forum posts and profile posts.
  • Find Threads, where you can see threads that have either been started by you, replied to by you, or have no replies from anyone (also visible in a drop-down list).
  • Watched, which links to a list of threads you're watching by default, and also displays a drop-down list linking to either that or Watched Forums. When you "watch" a thread or a subforum, it means that you will be alerted every time a new post is made in said thread or subforum.
  • Search, which brings up an advanced search menu with many different filters and options.
  • Mark Forums Read, which removes the "Unread" tag from every single unread forum post.


The Members page displays many different lists of members. The center box of the page contains the top 5 members of the categories Most Messages, Highest Reaction Score, and Most Points, as well as the beginning of the Administrators List. Down the left side of the page is a list of links to all of the above items as well as Today's Bithdays and a list of all Registered Members, as well as a searchbar for members and a window of the newest members.

Members and Profile Top Bar[edit]

The lower top bar of the members page and any of the lists on it as well as your profile page contains the following (only listed here as most have been explained already):


There are two different scores you can increase on the forums: Reaction Score and Points. These scores are publicly displayed under everyone's name in every post, as well as their total amount of posts.

Reaction Score[edit]

This goes up when someone reacts to one of your posts positively. Currently, every single available reaction counts positively except "Dislike" and "Poo", which count negatively, as well as "Sad" and "Disagree", which are neutral.


Less commonly known as "trophy points", this goes up when you earn what are the forum site's equivalent of achievements, known as "trophies". Most of these are milestone rewards for posting a certain amount of times or receiving a certain number of positive reactions or likes on your posts, but some can only be earned by being a member for a long enough time.