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Ranks exist to show the progress you've achieved on Minr or to indicate whether someone is a member of staff. You can usually determine someone's rank via their username color when chatting. There currently are 5 different ranks on Minr.

In-Game Ranks & Name Prefixes/Suffixes[edit]

White Rank[edit]

This is the starting rank for anyone who joins Minr for the first time. To rank up to Blue, obtain 100 points and complete 5 Moderate or higher maps. Clicking the "Enter Hardcore" sign in the Hardcore section of /spawn is not required to earn this rank. These players have access to the FFA and FFA+ areas, but not Hardcore. They also have access to some Events.

Blue Rank[edit]

This is the 1st unlockable rank on Minr. As the rank name states, their name is shown in an aqua blue color. They have mostly the same permissions as Whites except they can also begin Hardcore. To rank up from Blue to Green, complete Hardcore and submit a Green application on Minr's forums.

Green Rank[edit]

This is the 2nd unlockable rank on Minr and the last non-staff rank you can achieve. Greens have access to the survival/legacy world of Zero and the creative world of Theta to build maps. Delta is also an accessible world, but is reserved for basic survival with occasional resets due to Minecraft updates. They also have access to the greens section of the forums and Discord. For mapmaking purposes and testing, Greens can access the test server as well.

Moderator Rank[edit]

This is a Staff rank on Minr, given to people whom fulfill the following:

  1. Are Green rank
  2. Have been playing Minr often enough
  3. Have potential to be a Staff member

Moderators are chosen by the current Admin team, usually around twice a year. Players with the Moderator rank have access to /give and chat moderation tools such as /mute. Moderators are also granted access to the staff section of the forums and Discord.

Administrator Rank[edit]

This is a Staff rank on Minr, given to people whom fulfill the following:

  1. Are Moderator rank
  2. Continue to play Minr often enough
  3. Have potential to be an Administrative member

New administrators are chosen from the current moderators by the current administrators. Administrators have access to most of the server's commands and features, such as colored text and scripts. Admins also have access to the administrators section of the forums and Discord.

Star Prefix[edit]

Sometimes you might see players with a colored star prefix before their name. Colored stars are not indicators of a rank, but instead they are offered as a reward for competing in some server events (e.g. Ninja Warrior and Purple Coin). The distribution of stars and their color varies by event, depending on the coordinator and admin decisions.

Miscellaneous Name Colors[edit]

In special cases, the name colors can deviate from those described above. This is a result of some events, as many of them rely on moving participating players to new teams to function (such as Capture the Flag and Beep Test).

Forum & Discord Ranks[edit]

Discord and Forums ranks almost entirely match the ranks on the server, with the addition of the Board distinction. Board members can edit threads in the Map Submissions and Reward Proposals subforums, and have access to their own private text channels in the Discord.

Matching Ranks[edit]

Discord is in direct sync with your in-game rank should you verify your account. There is no difference between your Discord rank and your in-game rank except in the case of Blues. On the forums there is no Blue rank, because there isn't a way of syncing the rank with the server like there is in Discord. Because of this, Blues have a White rank on the forums.

Additional Administrative Ranks[edit]

Some server admins have additional privileges on the forums and on Discord so that they're able to manage it more smoothly. These admins can be contacted in the event that you have an issue with either service. Below is a list of admins with additional access:

  • Discord: rickyboy320, Ajdj123321, Chillers
  • Forum: c_dric, Ajdj123321, Chillers


  • At one point in the early days of Minr (around 2011), Moderators had purple names. This was later changed to lime so they would blend in with the green community instead. A significant time later, Moderators were granted dark green names, as many players often confused Greenies as staff.
  • Some of the ranks have unofficial names that are used by older players. Whites are referred to as "Whities", Blues as "Fishies", Blues that have beaten Hardcore but aren't Green yet as "Mean Fishies" and Moderators as "Mean Greenies".
  • Machete is often confused by new members for a player. It is actually part of the server's console, being used for important commands. Occasionally, admins mess around with it, having it say things in chat.
  • The Blue rank once required the player to click the Enter Hardcore sign, but that requirement has since been removed.
    • It is required, however, for a player to complete the FAQ quiz to enter Hardcore.