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The Final Theater
Map information
Reward 1+1+2+2+4+4+7 FFA Points
Location FFA+
Mapcode bwy
Creator Autre
Food None
Publication January 14, 2021

Broadway is a mixed puzzle map with search by Autre. It rewards 17 total FFA Points upon full completion, and the map hub can be joined directly using “/c join bwy”.



The story of Broadway has the player rise to acting fame!


Broadway is a text based puzzle based on acting and also has a standard puzzle/search component. Broadway is split into two main segments in each level. The first part is the backstage portion. The player will complete short puzzles and search for their script in order to get their costume. Once the player has their costume, they can proceed to the onstage portion. The onstage portion has the player answer chat prompts with correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization under a time limit in order to complete the level. Prior to each stage portion, the player will go to Austin Productions, an acting workshop business that can teach the player how to use the game mechanics as well as unique game mechanics that apply only to certain levels. Broadway is split into seven levels, each getting more complex as the player completes them. The player has access to all seven levels inside the hub, but it is recommended the player completes the maps in order. The levels are as follows,

  • Broadway: Charlotte's Web (bcha) - 1 FFA Point
  • Broadway: Alice in Wonderland (bali) - 1 FFA Point
  • Broadway: The Matchmaker (bmat) - 2 FFA Point
  • Broadway: Pygmalion (bpyg) - 2 FFA Points
  • Broadway: Lady From The Sea (blad) - 4 FFA Points
  • Broadway: The Crucible (bcru) - 4 FFA Points
  • Broadway: A Midsummer Night's Dream (bmid) - 7 FFA Points

Upon completing all the levels, the player can access a short epilogue and is rewarded a completion for Broadway.


The player begins in a black concrete room with dioramas of each play. Austin Productions is made primarily from birch variants, a dance studio and a costume/prop room is located on either side of the building. The first theater, The Blackbox Theater, is constructed mostly from black blocks such as coal, black wool and black concrete powder. Backstage dressing rooms are made from brick, quartz and birch. The second theater, The Spruceman Theater, is constructed mostly from gray terracotta and spruce wood variants. Spruce trapdoors accent the walls. The third theater, The Sandboss Theater, is constructed mostly using sandstone and oak wood variants. The final theater, The Otterman Theater, is constructed mostly from nether brick, coal blocks, quartz, and gray terracotta. Each theater, as the player progresses, gets larger and more complex for the player to explore.


This map is featured in 2 challenges: Rise to Stardom and Hexa.


  • Broadway was submitted for PuzzleComp 2020, placing 6th.
  • Broadway used to have each level part of one, longer map. This was changed as the map was seen as more endurance based rather than focused on the gameplay.

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