Miner's Millions

Miner's Millions
Miner's Millions.png
The starting room.
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location PZ-3 (FFA+)
Mapcode rmg
Creator rmanimal
Food Steak x16


Map Identification[edit]

Miner's Millions is a pure puzzle map located in FFA+ and awards 18 points on completion.

The map can be accessed on the server using one of two commands:

  1. /c join Miner's Millions
  2. /c join rmg


Miner's Millions has no storyline.


Miner's Millions consists of 15 different rooms where the player "purchases" items on the walls in order to craft, by some means, the items shown on the item frames in front of them. Each "purchase" requires an amount of gold ingots, and the player is given a set amount upon entry to any room.


The map is divided into three different sections. The first five levels are made out of various forms of stone bricks and woods. The next five levels take place underground, with stone and different ores as aesthetics, and the last 5 levels take place on a prismarine bridge.


Miner's Millions is featured in the Rivers Run Red Challenge, Puzzle Competition Trials (2017), the The Path of Heroes and the Hexa Challenge.


  • This map won first place in Zatharel's Puzzle Competition in 2017, earning its creator, rmanimal, 30 dollars worth of steam games.
  • The 13th level of this map was changed after public release. The decision came after the foundation of the Sugarcane Observation Society, a running joke on just how long the level took due to growing materials.