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[[Ghidora Manor]]
[[Ghidora Manor]]
[[Iron Door]]
[[Iron Door]]
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[[Paisley Prison]]
[[Sky Parkour]]
[[Project Sierra]]
[[Project Sierra]]

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This page goes over the most basic commands and tips for new players to understand and have fun on the server. In order to achieve this, basic knowledge of the information below must be known.

Getting Started

When a player joins for the very first time, they are placed into the FAQ room. Signs going over general information about the server are placed in areas easily readable to the player. At this point, the player has two options: start playing maps or take the FAQ quiz. It is highly advised the player take the FAQ quiz at this point, since it not only rewards 7 points upon completion (equivalent to a yellow difficulty map), but it is required to have been completed in order for the player to enter Hardcore. This quiz can be joined at any time with the command /c join faq quiz.

Being a Whitie

When a player first joins, their rank is set to white. This is the most basic rank, and grants the player access to only FFA. FFA contains every map that grants points upon completion, with a few exceptions. The majority of members on the server have this rank. A player can “rank up” to blue by getting 100 points, completing 5 Moderate or above maps, and completing the FAQ quiz.

Entering Hardcore

Once a player gains the blue rank, they gain access to Hardcore. Hardcore is a collection of maps, containing parkour, puzzles, and mazes of yellow through red difficulty, that one must complete in a certain order (with branching paths, as seen here). to earn green rank. The current maps that are in the current iteration of Hardcore, 10.0, are as follows:

4 Corners Dojo

Elusion: Remastered

Prismarine Green

Ghidora Manor


Iron Door

Jiga's Claymaze


Sky Parkour

Project Sierra


The Big Egyptian

The Labyrinth

The Scorned Lands


Vil Bo

Wolly Mammoth

Zarklin Ruins



The Fire Dragon's Dungeon

Once Hardcore has been completed, the player must submit a Green Application on the forums in order to earn the green rank.

Being a Greenie

Green ranked members have a lot more permissions than white and blue ranked members. The main new feature is access to the creative world, Theta. Within this world, greenies are able to create maps to be placed in FFA. Before being put into FFA, however, a map must go through a review process. This is to prevent maps of low quality from entering FFA. Greens also get access to maps on The Board, in The Valley, or maps that are finished and have join signs, but were never submitted and thus are not in FFA.