Prismarine Green

Prismarine Green
Prismarine Green.png
A shot of the room preceeding the puzzle
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode pmg
Creator pieceofcheese
Food None
Publication June 2015

Prismarine Green is a mixed parkour map by pieceofcheese. It rewards 12 FFA Points upon completion.



Prismarine Green links many different parkour segments up. Most of the rooms focus on slime block parkour, where the player must either bounce off slime blocks to reach platforms not normally accessible, or jump from a slime block to a normal platform, which requires strategy. One room contains a long segment of "water parkour" where the player must cross floating blocks of water by jumping out at precise times.

The final jump of the map is one of the most difficult. The player is required to jump out far and bounce on a floor of slime blocks, in which they are given a small segment of time to hit the end sign before falling onto the floor and having to try the jump again.


Prismarine Green is made up of mostly Prismarine variants, as it takes place inside a makeshift ocean monument. Iron Bars and slime blocks are thrown in for gameplay reasons, with the latter likely used to add to the aesthetics as well.


This map was used in Hardcore 10.2.


  • The only pure puzzle in the map is located outside of the monument, visible to the player at the beginning of the map (though one may not know its a puzzle from the start). This is the only section (besides the first jump of the map) that this is true for.
  • The puzzle section was not intended to be interpreted as a puzzle by the creator. Its purpose was simply to be an interesting transition between rooms, giving a short view of the outside before going back into the green rooms underground.

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