Cosmetics is an avenue of which players can display their accomplishments. The requirements for receiving these vary, ranging from difficult challenges to event rewards.


Cosmetics were added due to the general lack of rewards on the server, as a step towards giving players the incentive to take on harder challenges than they are previously acustomed to. It similarly attempts to tackle the issue of player retention past completing Hardcore.

Cosmetics Rarities[edit]

All permanent cosmetics are split into different rarities/tiers, determined by how common they are among players. These rarities do not directly relate to how many cosmetics are in each category, so a higher difficulty rarity might have more cosmetics in that tier than a lower level. There are five distinct rarities:


Cosmetics Types[edit]

The Cosmetics Interface Main Menu

Cosmetics are also split into many types, or styles, and each have their own display method. Only one of each cosmetic type can be active at the same time.

Cosmetics Interface[edit]

To access the cosmetics interface, the command /shop or /cosmetics will direct you to it. On success you will see the main menu, which branches into the many cosmetics styles available. Moving around the interface requires players to select items. Each cosmetic has its own item display.


Titles are one of the three permanent cosmetics types, and displays words above the players head in the sense of giving them a title. These have the broadest range of selection of any cosmetic.

An example of a title.
Title Tier Requirements
Eggscellent Common Find 100 eggs in the 2019 Egg Hunt.
Soulmate Uncommon Be in one of the top 5 couples of the Valentines Event.
Adventurer Heroic Create one of the top 3 maps in Advcomp 2019.
Hero Heroic Beat The Path of Heroes challenge.
A-Maze-ing Epic Come first in Mazecomp 2018.
The Eggman Epic Find all of the eggs first in the 2019 Egg Hunt.
Hexagonal Legendary Beat the Hexa Challenge.

Particle Trails[edit]

Particle Trails, normally shortened to Trails, are the second of three permanent types of Cosmetics. They leave a colored trail behind the player.

Trail Tier Requirements
Love Uncommon Score 300 Love Points in the Valentines Event.
Completionist Heroic Collect all FFA Points on the server.
Eggcracker Heroic Collect 310 eggs in the 2019 Egg Hunt.


Hats are the third of three permanent cosmetic types. They give the player a block on their head. No hat rewards currently exist.


Prefixes are the only temporary type of cosmetics, but are by far the most frequently rewarded due to Ninja Warrior. These give the player an indicator before their name in chat, and only come from Events. Unlike any other cosmetic type, these do not have tiers of difficulty.


  • Cosmetics began as only titles, underscoring why they are the most diverse of any cosmetic type.
  • Only rebplane legitimately owns the legendary Hexa title.
  • Most cosmetics come from exclusive events, and make up over two thirds of the current cosmetics library.