The Arcade is a section of spawn comprised of several different gambling related mini-games that players can participate in. The player uses Casino Credits to play these games, which are obtained by winning arcade games and collecting moneybags.

Obtaining and Transferring Casino Credits[edit]

Upon entering the casino, players are gifted 50 credits to use for the arcade machines and various betting tables. Aside from this, the only way to directly gain more credits is through Moneybags.


A Moneybag

Moneybags are the main method of obtaining Casino Credits for The Arcade. The player can find them across the various maps of the server or spawn and right click them to obtain the credits inside. Moneybags can be broken up into different tiers, with the main distinguishing factor between them being their difficulty to find (as there is no visual difference between tiers). The amount of credits obtained from a moneybag is random, with the minimum and maximum reward from a bag being determined by its tier. Players can only collect each bag once.

Tier Minimum Credits Maximum Credits
I 1 49
II 20 99
III 50 499
IV 100 999

Moneybags also give credit rewards once the player has found a set number of them. These milestone rewards are shown below.

Number of Moneybags Credit reward
5 20
10 50
15 100
20 150
25 200
30 250
35 300
40 400
50 500
60 600
70 700
80 800
90 900
100 1000

Gift Cards[edit]

At the cost of a tax, players can transfer credits between each other using a vendor in the basement of the arcade area. Players can redeem and create gift cards a limited number of times per day.

Casino Games[edit]


  • The Arcade has only been featured in two server spawns: City Spawn and Frozen Spawn.
  • The Arcade early on in its lifespan contained cosmetics the player could buy from a vendor. These cosmetics are no longer available.
    • Similarly, the player could also obtain cosmetics by hitting specific thresholds of moneybags found and by scoring high enough across the three target minigames. These are no longer obtainable as well.
  • Some maps, such as Theory of Everything, feature Moneybags that merely serve as decoration and cannot be collected.