One of the satyrs holding up the maze
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode FFA-c-Satr
Creator kaddekes
Food Cooked Salmon x64

Satyrs is a pure maze map that has you traversing a three dimensional ice maze. It awards 4 FFA Points.


This map's main challenge comes in the form of a three dimensional ice maze. It is built in the shape of a rectangular prism, and it is entirely made out of ice blocks. The maze has you traversing multiple different layers by using stairs on the outer edges of the maps to access different layers in the maze. The player can very easily become disoriented within the maze, as the player can have a hard time controlling their movement on the ice. This is heightened by the lack of lighting within the maze itself and the overall dreary atmosphere.

The map goes for a snowy theme, with most of it being comprised of ice and snow blocks. The only lighting in the map comes in the form of lights sunken in the wall and a ring of fire surrounding the floor at the bottom of the map. The entire maze is seemingly held up by two giant statues of satyrs, a type of fantasy creature that traditionally has the body of a man and the legs of a goat. The satyrs in this map are very reminiscent of bipedal goats as opposed to the traditional chimera of creatures that is depicted in typical fantasy.


This map is only featured in one challenge: Hexa Challenge.


  • This map was featured in Hardcore version 4.0 along with Snow Fort in the Path of Ice. A player had to do Satyrs consecutively with Snow Fort in order to beat the path. They were eventually pulled, as the Path of Ice was deemed to be too easy. They were replaced with Snowstorm and Demon.
  • The satyrs are exact mirrors of each other, even down to the fact that they are both off centre by the same amount in opposite directions.