Troll Kingdom


Original article written by kaddekes

Builder: Kaddekes Theme: a large, dark moist cave that houses a wooden troll village Kind: Maze with Parkour Location: FFA+

The Troll Kingdom started from the vision of having an open world where exploration is key. Moving away from the classic tunnel, square room, tunnel, room, ... setup. The big parts of the cave where cut out using Worldedit, but it had to be made looking natural by hand. And making it look natural was the big challenge.

There are 2 separate main paths with extra branches up. So you can do the map multiple times without having to do much of the same. Leading to different experiences from player to player.

The troll village was put in to give a certain goal and meaning, also to provide with a little "safe haven" from the darkness and to add a scale to the whole build. It is supposed to make you feel small, even indoors.