An aerial shot of the city of Incendium
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode bzv2
Creators Bird_Obsession, Powik
Food None
Publication June 30, 2019

Incendium is a mixed parkour map by Big_Big_So_Big and Powik. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly by using “/c join bzv2”. Additionally, Incendium has a secret ending, known as Transcendence, which rewards 12 points upon completion.



You are a citizen of Blazeville. You have grown tired of the small community and are yearning something grander. You decide you will move to Incendium, the largest city in the nether.


The map starts with a few straightforward jumps across nether islands and stalactites to a village. The first checkpoint is located here. This village, known as Hyalus, contains jumps across gravel piles and through lava-floored houses. After this village (and another checkpoint), the player reaches an obsidian ship and some floating islands. These islands lead to another village, Morsus (also known as the Village of Trials). Three of six various trials, which will be listed later, must be cleared to advance to the next section of the map, and a checkpoint.

The next section involves parkouring around dead trees and various other platforms to a small hovercraft, which teleports you to the city of Incendium. After a few short parkour segments through a building, the fourth and final checkpoint is reached. The final section of Incendium is a long endurance test. The player must parkour around the city on various platforms to reach the top of the largest building, where the end sign is located.

The Village of Trials[edit]

Blindness Trial: Complete a series of platform and ladder jumps with a blindness effect and without sprint.

Timed Trial: Complete a series of difficult jumps within 20 seconds.

Ladder Trial: Perform several tricky ladder jumps in a row to complete this trial.

Big’s Special Trial: Complete several odd jumps, including a double slime jump and a confusing s jump.

Puzzle Trial: Uncover a secret code by looking at seemingly random blocks and stacks of sand.

Maze Trial: Traverse your way through a tricky maze in which you don’t just need to find the exit, but also a button to open it up.

Final Trial: After completing the 3 required trials, climb up a tower by completing 2 very difficult jumps.


Incendium is located in Theta Nether, so its design is hell-themed. The first village is comprised of nether brick/obsidian houses resting on a floor of nether-themed blocks. The second village contains quartz buildings with a floor of netherrack, nether wart, and bright colored leaves. The village of Incendium contains many different buildings, as well as nether wart trees.


Originally written in August 2019; retained for historical purposes.

The vision of Incendium was first perceived shortly after Bird_Obsession (Known as Big_Big_So_Big at the time)'s previous map, Roadblock, was submitted to the board. The first intention was to create a moderate orange map consisting of several parkour segments linking to create a "road" to the end, the city of Incendium. As he started building, the original vision begun to drift farther and farther away from the reality of the build. It transformed slightly, becoming a map in which the player must parkour through multiple villages to reach a small aircraft, which would take the player to the city.

The design choice of first village one was heavily inspired by Blazeville. The gameplay was meant to be a fun mix of safety and endurance, with the easier parkour inside the houses killing the player if they fell.

The second village, unofficially named the "Village of Trials", was very fun to build for Big. Something new was tried with the design, making the buildings mostly out of quartz (heavily redesigned a few days into the making), and adding leaves to the floor palette. Big was surprised by how good the green leaves worked with the red floor. Gameplay-wise, this village is pretty unique. It's sort of a "choose wisely" type of thing. You may think you're good at a certain type of parkour, but you end up raging. Most of the trials (save for Puzzle trial) were consciously designed to only be escapable through the use of /kill.

The city section underwent the most development. Big wanted to make this city look as good as possible, and my house-building skills were next to nonexistent. He managed to recruit Powik, another green, to help him build the houses. Powik ended up building not only houses, but beautiful nether trees and nice pathways as well. Without Powik's help, Incendium wouldn't be what it is today.

The parkour in Incendium was inspired a bit by another red map, World Two-ur. It might not seem like it at first, but it was made to be similar to said map's end biome section, in the fact that both that section and Incendium's parkour are harder than the rest of the map. Around this time is when it was decided Incendium would be red difficulty. Quite a bit of time was spent creating and editing the parkour. It also contains references to some of Big's previous maps.

Overall, this map was very fun to make for Big. It was the achievement he was most proud of in Minecraft, and he wishes to watch it grow with the server.


This map is featured in four challenges: Nether Tour, Odyssey, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Incendium is the fourth map published in Theta Nether. The first three are Inferno; Incendium’s predecessor, Blazeville; and Isle of Redstone.
  • Incendium’s gameplay was inspired by World Two-Ur in its “final challenge” gimmick, and the final trial in the Village of Trials was somewhat inspired by E.
  • As the story says at the start, Incendium is a sequel to Blazeville, which is only worth 2 points. This gives a nice duality to the two maps in terms of difficulty.
  • Although Incendium is listed as mixed parkour, the maze and puzzle, which are located in the Village of Trials, are completely optional.
  • Incendium received an update in September 2021, altering the gameplay and aesthetics slightly, as well as adding Transcendence, the map's secret ending.

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