A Shot of the Castle
Map information
Reward 25 FFA Points
Difficulty Expert
Location FFA+
Mapcode out
Creators Zatharel,henniboy321
Food None
Publication December 23, 2017

Outpost is a pure parkour map by henniboy321 and Zatharel. It rewards 25 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join out”.



Outpost consists of multiple sections. When the player enters the map, they take a short path to the beginning of the parkour, where they must jump across trees and raised platforms, often times being required to use vines in awkward ways to progress. About halfway through this section, the player is given a choice between two paths: One is longer but with easier jumps, and the other being shorter with much more difficult jumps.

The player is then dropped into a lengthy section that involves parkouring through an abandoned mine. 3+0.5 jumps are numerous here, so the player must be careful if they do not wish to fall. The map's first checkpoint is located within this mine.

After escaping the mine, the player finds themself within the castle. The castle consists of many short but difficult sections, where many difficult neo jumps are present. Once the player reaches the top of the castle, they must jump across birds to reach the next checkpoint. Falling off these birds results in having to restart the entire checkpoint over.

The player then finds themselves in what is considered the most difficult section in the map. The player must jump between trees on raised Jungle wood platforms, often having to enter the trees and complete very difficult jumps. Many points along the way are very punishing, forcing the player to restart from the checkpoint if they fall.

The final section consists of easier parkour through a house and its yard, where at almost no point can the player miss a jump and have to restart from the checkpoint. This easy section ends once the final jump of the map is reached, however, the player must complete what is known as one of the most precise jumps possible: a triple neo. There is no punishment for failing this jump, but the player cannot progress until it is completed.


Outpost takes place in a massive valley split into multiple areas. The lower area of the map, where the player begins, is a more natural setting, with the only structures being platforms made out of jungle wood and oak fences.

Platforms within the mine section are made out of various types of wood blocks, slabs, and fences: oak, jungle, and birch. The walls are made out of several stone variants, such as ores.

The castle is made to look overrun by vegetation. Therefore, leaf blocks are common within. The rest of the walls are made of gray blocks such as stone bricks.

Many structures the player runs through near the end of the map are made out of birch and oak plank variants.


This map is featured in seven challenges: Outlandish Love, Insane Parkour Pack, Trials of Herobrine, TULIP, 2017 Assortment, The Path of Heroes, and Hexa.


  • Outpost was the first Black difficulty map to be put into FFA+, and was the only one until Rapture made it as well.
  • Outpost was the only map currently in FFA to use a Triple Neo jump until Ice Age was released two years later.

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