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Points are the main reward for completing Maps and Challenges. They are awarded at the end of each and the value awarded varies depending on the difficulty of the task. Currently, there are three types of points.

FFA Points

FFA Points, often referred to as just points, are the original type of points and the most commonly used. They are awarded upon completing any Maps, except ones in The Valley or on The Board.

Achieving 20 points for the first time will let you gain access to the Blue rank, and therefore Hardcore. Currently, there is no other use for FFA points.

Challenge Points

Challenge Points (C-Points) are the second type of points introduced together with Challenges. They are awarded to the player upon the successful completion of a challenge, or progress through it. The amount awarded is dependent on the difficulty of the challenge.

Currently, there is no use for Challenge Points, but there are plans to change that in an upcoming update.

Global Points

Global Points (G-Points) are the most recent point type. It is quite similar to FFA Points, except they are based on how fast the player goes through a map rather than the initial completion of it. This point type was introduced to boost the speed-running community on the server.