A view of the starting room
Map information
Reward 12 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location HC (HC-2)
Mapcode sno
Creator Ajdj123321
Food Cooked Salmon x64
Publication Late 2013


Article written by Ajdj123321

Snowstorm's original premise stemmed from the question of 'How could one convey helplessness?' through the constraints of Minecraft. This question branched out into the question of 'How could one write a dark and more tense story in a game where most of the world is bright and colorful?' The answer is Snowstorm: A story of a pack of traveling hunters trapped in their igloo and are running out of food.

With minimal lighting and a labyrinth-like design, Snowstorm was a 4-point course before being moved into Hardcore in summer 2013.

Gameplay of this map consists of venturing through 2 primary sections:

-A 2D blizzard

-A 3D mountain/cave system (With assistance from PacksofPages for design.)

In may 2014, this map was taken out of HC, and the path of ice was being replaced with something else. Although it had technically been accepted to FFA+ before it's arrival in HC, it went through a second nomination before being added to FFA+. It can be found in the first/left maze room, and is worth 4 points.