Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake
The start of the map
Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA
Mapcode cake
Creator Sulldas
Food None
Publication June 3rd, 2020

Piece of Cake is a pure parkour map by Sulldas. It rewards 1 FFA Point upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join cake”.



Piece of Cake has the player parkour across small red piles with cake on them. These are mostly standard parkour jumps but the cake makes the dimensions slightly smaller, adding difficulty. Player heads are also placed on these piles, making manoeuvring on them much more difficult. Sections of trapdoors has the player watching their headspace as they make their way to the cupcake room. The cupcake room has the player parkouring on player heads up and out of the room. A final parkour segment over player heads leads to a short bridge where the player is met with the end sign inside of a cosy room filled with cake.


Piece of Cake uses white terracotta, light grey terracotta, and white concrete to create a cake that the map takes place in. Brown terracotta and brown stained glass create a chocolate river that covers most of the ground of the map. A large rainbow and clouds cover the sky. A large candy apple sits in the centre of a chocolate cave made from red concrete powder and brown terracotta. Jungle and acacia wood create small platforms and also hold glowstone for light sources. A cupcake was constructed using pink concrete, white terracotta, and brown terracotta. Custom player heads are used throughout the map, representing items such as cupcakes and candy apples.


This map is featured in 5 challenges: Tasty Planet, Beginner Parkour Pack, Big Brain, White Waders, and Hexa.


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