The Great Cake

The Great Cake
Map information
Reward 4 FFA Points
Difficulty Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode FFA-c-tgc
Creator rmanimal
Food Golden Carrot x32


Map Identification[edit]

The Great Cake is a mixed parkour currently in FFA and awards 4 points on completion.

You can join it on the server via one of these two commands:

  1. /c join The Great Cake
  2. /c join FFA-c-tgc


Lacks a proper story.


The Great Cake composes of 6 different sections, each in their own blocks.

  • The Cake Parkour, which consists mostly of parkouring in a cherry-filling part of a large cake.
  • The Pumpkin contains a riddle, in which you must backtrack to the anvil in order to create/change an answer.
  • The Coal Ore + TNT Block Maze. Now in 3D!
  • The Crafting Table Parkour, probably the most ridiculous part of the whole map.
  • The Snow Layer Maze. 3D glasses are not available in this area
  • The Magma Cube, which houses the End Sign for the map.


The map mostly revolves around enlarging normal minecraft blocks to be 16x bigger.

There are also 11 heads hidden throughout the map. Listed in found order, they are:

  1. newcake's, which is located in the floor South-East corner of the Cake Parkour
  2. Jessie's, inside the anvil, located in place of a sea lantern in the ceiling.
  3. rebplane's, placed in the Jack O' Lantern looking into the orange glass from the top of the South-West pile.
  4. frogbreath1's, located in the Coal Maze.
  5. CreepaShadowz's, located on top of the anvil in a sword corner.
  6. rmanimal's, below the sword's tip with a barrier path.
  7. Spontida10's, located East near the bottom of the end portal lava island.
  8. theworst135's, after taking the right ladder after doing the ceilings
  9. Semsem192's, inside the Snow Layer Maze.
  10. Jsnick's, in the ceiling of the Magma Cube.
  11. kenad's, by jumping down into the alcove of the Furnace.


It is one of the many maps of the Hexa Challenge and the 14th map of the Insane Challenge.


  • The Furnace has a possible-to-implement section, but was later removed.
  • The Cake was originally made for a food map, yet was evolved into a large block map.
  • The Emerald Block was originally a Yellow Shulker Box, but was changed due to the bad design.
  • The cats in the map are rebplane's, which got stuck in the map and were then named by her.