A view of the main room in Framed
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location HC (HC-BYPASS)
Mapcode frame
Creators Pieceofcheese, Iananth66
Food None
Publication February 11th, 2021

Framed is a mixed puzzle map by Pieceofcheese and Iananth66. It would reward 18 FFA Points upon completion, but is currently being used in Hardcore 11.1, so it can't be joined directly, nor does it award points.



Framed consists of a series of puzzle boards which involve arrows and colored blocks. Around the map, players can find rows of puzzle boards which are designed to teach them about various mechanics. However, the main progression of the map is based on harder puzzles, which are usually hidden. Finding these puzzle boards usually involves difficult searching, and sometimes some parkour. There are no checkpoints, but for each major puzzle completed the player's progress is saved, and can only be reset using a sign at the beginning of the map. The player is given a map with a rough layout of the rooms and the connections between them, some of which can only be traveled in one direction.


The map is designed around a massive dining room with many pictures on the wall. The dining room itself is mostly inaccessible, and the player spends most of their time inside the pictures, which each feature their own environments or themes. The pictures have pathways between them consisting of long glass tunnels and water elevators through the walls.


This map is currently being used in Hardcore 11.1, so it isn't feature in any challenges.


  • While the puzzle mechanics are different, the structure and overarching gameplay in Framed is reminiscent of the puzzle game The Witness.
  • Framed was chosen for the Endurance leg of Hardcore 11.1, where it replaced The Magic Tower as a slightly easier option. It is the bypass map, which can be completed instead of the series of parkour maps otherwise required.
  • Pieceofcheese and Iananth66 have worked together on many maps, including two other map in Hardcore 11: Eisengeist which is another puzzle, and Cosmic Core which is a maze. (Cosmic Core only has Pieceofcheese listed as its creator, but Iananth66 is credited with build help.)

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