Some Conveyer Belts
Map information
Reward 1 FFA Point
Difficulty Very Easy
Location FFA+
Mapcode fff
Creator rebplane
Food None
Publication March 5th, 2019

Factory is a pure parkour map by rebplane. It rewards 1 FFA Point upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join fff”.



Factory has the player use floating platforms, designed like danganropa bear heads, to progress through and above the factory. The player will also go through small maintenance tunnels with standard jumps, a wooden box room with standard jumps, and a large incinerator room with standard jumps. The map ends inside a large danganropa bear head.


Factory uses a grey palette of stone variants to make up the foundation of the map. Iron-based blocks and custom player head combine to create conveyor belts and machines. There is also a small section containing large wooden boxes. At the end of the map, fire is represented by combining red, orange, and yellow stained glass. Signature danganropa bears are spread out throughout the map.


This map is featured in five challenges: White Walkers, 2019 Assortment, Beginner Parkour Pack, White Waders, and Hexa.


  • Factory was the first Very Easy map to be voted into FFA+.
  • rebplane originally wanted the map code to be "fac", but this was already taken by Mineco.
  • Factory was created for the White Map Tag Event.
  • Factory is the most completed map of all times, with just over 5,000 completions.

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