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The Corpus Callosum
Map information
Reward 18 FFA Points
Difficulty Very Hard
Location FFA
Mapcode psy
Creator Autre
Food None
Publication May 4th, 2020

Psyche is a pure parkour map by Autre. It rewards 18 FFA Points upon completion, and can be joined directly using “/c join psy”.



Psyche's story revolved around the player participating in Dr. Wilbur's cognitive mapping experiment. This experiment will "shrink" the player into Dr. Wilbur's brain to conduct research. While exploring the brain, there are "?" that the player can right click to view dialogue. This dialogue details the effects that the player is inflicting on Dr. Wilbur. Once the player has completed mapping all five sections, the player will be transported to Dr. Alfred's lab where the player can relax and play with some dogs.


Psyche begins in Austin Laboratories, from there the player can interact with NPC's that have a "?" near them to view dialogue. The player then proceeds to Dr. Wilbur's lab, steps into the Shrink-eleporter, and is transported into the brain where the main gameplay takes place.

Psyche's parkour is split up into five unique sections, each with their own unique gimmick.

  • The Brain Stem is a standard parkour room, including standard jumps, neos, panes, headhitters, and ladders for the player to ascend the room. This is the longest room in the map and what many consider to the second hardest room. A complimentary checkpoint is provided in this room so if the player dies, they don't have to repeat the starting lab portion.
  • The Amygdala uses magma based jumps for the player to complete. This room is one of the shortest rooms in the map and is what many consider to be the fourth hardest room.
  • The Corpus Callosum takes place over a large void area. The player must find there way across by jumping on "neurons". This is the shortest room in the map and is what many consider to be the easiest room.
  • Broca's Area utilizes minecraft heads as its main gameplay element. This room is at a medium length compared to other rooms but is considered to be the hardest room by many.
  • The Motor Cortex utilizes soul sand as its main gameplay element. This room is at a medium length compared to others room and is considered by many to be the 3rd hardest room.


The lab section of this map primarily uses quartz and iron blocks to create Austin Laboratories. Hazard markings are also present as well as plant beds with white flowers. In the lab rooms, they are blackboards with information as well as many lab personnel NPC's roaming about.

The brain of the map is split into five sections. These sections all share a similar pink palette made from pink wool, pink glazed terracotta, pink concrete powder, pink concrete, and pink stained glass. Glowstone behind pink stained glass and end rods are used to light the brain.

  • The Brain Stem uses pink, magenta, and purple terracotta to create veins.
  • The Amygdala uses red and pink terracotta as well as magma to create veins.
  • The Corpus Callosum uses pink stained glass and glowstone to create neurons.
  • Broca's Area uses blue, pink, and magenta terracotta to create veins. This area also uses minecraft heads to create words and jumbles of letters.
  • The Motor Cortex uses pink and light gray terracotta as well as soul sand to create veins.


This map is featured in 3 challenges: Hexa, Very Hard Parkour Pack, and They Can't Get Worse.


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